Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

Gueeesssssssss what time it is??!

This one kills me, because if you know anything about downtown Cleveland, you know this isn’t what it looks like through real-people eyes.  (Also, it’s usually raining and/or snowing and the sun’s not out.) 

But through Kayla’s magic camera, it looks like Heaven (if Heaven had 40-story buildings and gothic architecture complete with flying buttresses)



If you’re going to zoom in I insist you focus on two things rather than my few-degree-neck-tilt-away-from-a double chin :

  1. How excited we are and how freaking cute B’s dimple is, and
  2. How HUGE the base of my bouquet is.  Seriously it was like palming a basketball.  I have man hands, and can’t imagine what somebody with dainty, little, lady-like hands would have done with this monster.  But it’s gorgeous and I’m not dainty so it all works.

But really, I remember Kayla stopping us as we were walking back to the hotel – said, “ok now just walk towards me” – we walked like 10 paces, kind of laughing at the situation, and she says “ok, got it, let’s go”.  Just like that, 4 seconds of our time, and THIS is what came from it.

That’s accuracy, my friends.

Look for Ceremony post tomorrow – including the special person running the show, and why yours truly could never have a job that required repeating things.

Sarah OUaL

10 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. Gorgeous Sarah!!! Love all of the posts sooo far…sooo love the Dave Mathews song you guys used as your first song…and that panty line from your bachlorette party…yeah well, consider it stolen to use for my little sister’s bachlorette party…once she gets engaged..hopefully soon!!!


  2. The first thing I noticed was the massive bunch of flowers dwarfing you completely! Well done carrying that thing. This shot is awesome!!!

    You know I totally worry about people coming to the little “small town” where we live and thinking WTF why do the live here? I hope they get it when they see our town. We’re small town folks ;)



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