Wedding Weekend : Ceremony

Another non-traditional aspect of our wedding (spoiler: it was ALL non-trad) was the ceremony.  Neither of our families have religious ties, so we had a completely secular, 15 minute ceremony. With jokes.  Quick, laughy, and beautiful ceremony.  Just like us :)

Something B & I put A LOT of thought into, was who would marry us.

  • Our first thought was to choose a local ordained officiant.  This sucked because 1) we wouldn’t get to meet them in-person beforehand, and 2) it was impersonal and boring, and not “us”.
  • So we went through our relatives, friends, and generally-responsible people we knew who had experience public-speaking and might like us enough to do us this favor.

A few came to mind – uncle, cousin, childhood friend – but we didn’t want the ceremony to be/seem biased towards either party, so we scratched them all.

I’m not sure why it took us so long for Bob to come to mind, but as soon as it did we knew he’d be perfect.


… umm?

Bob was 1/6th of the College Couples Group we ran around with while in Ohio.  His & B’s bro-mance has grown to an alarmingly intimate level over the years, and Bob & I continue to piss significant others off with our ridiculous photogenic-ness together

He’s one of those friends that’ll do anything for you – Listen to you drunk-cry at 3am.  Drive across the state with you to pick up your new motorcycle.  Pushes while you steer the stuck-truck out of a muddy field.  Cracks the American Honey when nobody else wants to and you’re not done partying yet. 

THAT kind of friend.


As soon as he accepted, B & I gathered a few readings we liked, I frankenstein’d them together with my red pen and a few “very-Sarah” bits, and sent them over so he could add his “special touches” and start practicing.

The morning of, Bob came to my room asking if I’d like to rehearse “my part”.

S : “Oh I don’t want to say it out loud, won’t that jinx it or something?  Here just let me read it over once.  I’ll be good…”

(… Thanks for not saying ‘I told you so’ at the altar when I had to read that one line off your script :) )

Bob said he was pretty nervous – “the most important day of your lives is literally in my hands!” – but he said it made him much less nervous seeing my trembling hands and knowing I was nervous, too.

I waited until afterwards to tell him my blood sugar was spiked from the mimosas & I’d forgotten to move my engagement ring to my right hand and was just antsy for my chance to move it.  ;)

He did such a GREAT job, everyone was blown away and subsequently shocked to hear he wasn’t some professional wedding officiant or something.  Maybe it’s not too late for a career change?

It meant SO much to us having someone so close to us perform the ceremony – it doesn’t get any more genuine than hearing one of your best friends say, “you may kiss your bride”



If you’re interested, I posted the whole spiel over here.  Bonus OUaL points (can be redeemed for PBRs &/or froyo) if you can pick out the parts I wrote.

Also, Bob’s not technically for-hire, but he IS technically single… inquire (to either) within.

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend : Ceremony

  1. LOVE THIS! Originally we asked our best man to do the honors but he chickened out. I can’t blame him I might freak out too but I was a bit disappointed. He had a HUGE part in me meeting my future husband for the first time [we met on myspace moons ago]… we have since found a friend that has a background in church. He’s a youth leader and down to earth and a pal to both of us. We wanted someone close to us, or someone that was a total stranger – not someone that close to ONE side of the union. So I totally get what you mean. I LOVE this story. Excellent work girl!


  2. I love, love, love this idea. I also will totally date bob if it means we get to all be best friends. Just say yes, it’ll be really fun.


  3. Love this!! Did he have to do anything to be able to legally perform the ceremony? I know nothing about these sorts of things and am curious.

    And if Bob’s looking to meet a Canadian…just sayin’… :)


  4. We also didn’t have a religious ceremony (much to my MIL’s disappointment – he is a Presbytertian minister) either – plus, the length of religious ceremonies puts everyone to sleep!

    So, Bob didn’t write the whole thing? It seemed pretty seamless. I mean, I imagine the vow you guys wrote, but I wasn’t able to discern that it wasn’t one person who wrote the whole thing.

    Anyway, it was beautiful to read and I’m sure even more beautiful to hear in person!


  5. And if Bob doesn’t want to head to OK or NC, he can hop on over to Pittsburgh! :)

    Awesome to have such a personal touch on the whole ceremony.


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