Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

Remember how I raved about Grandma B’s baking & how excited we were to serve her famous petit fours at our wedding?  (Not to mention the incredible bridal shower cake?)

Not only were they delicious & heavenly (as expected), they looked pretty awesome on the custom cake stand her, Gpa, and B’s mom made and decorated.  I KNOW.  Incredible.

Guests had a hard time choosing between lemon, carrot, choc/raspberry, choc/peanut butter, and traditional (didn’t think that word’d pop up in any posts, did ya?) white wedding cake.


And no, we didn’t smoosh any in each others’ faces.  You DO NOT waste Grandma’s petit fours.  Plus I’m far too much of a lady to do something like that.

… which is why I shoved another one in B’s mouth as he was chewing the first one.  More!  Eat more!  Yumm!  It’s good for you!

Reception recap up next! 

… Sometime.

Sarah OUaL


11 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. Petit fours are my favorite!!!! I love those little cakes. True Story, I used to order them by mail and have them shipped ot me from some company. It was expensive but totally worth it.


  2. Ok so you need to stop posting these wedding pictures because 1) you’re making everyone jealous and 2) I’m mad I wasn’t able to make the wedding. The invitation must’ve been lost in the mail, right? So the more wedding pictures you put up, the more mad I’m gonna be I wasn’t there. And damnit, you’re making me what Grandma B’s petit fours!

    …Ok fine you can put up more wedding pictures. You’ll just force me to look at them some more and swoon over your beautiful day and make me miss my wedding day more.


  3. For years I wanted to do the SHOVE IN THE FACE thing and now I’m like… mess up my make-up NO WAY! I think we’ll be sweet. I have however been at a wedding where they called me [MOH] and the best man up to the area for the cake cutting. I knew what was up, not sure how but I mouthed to the best man DUCK! And he didn’t understand just as the bride and groom were about to smash each other they turned to us.. I ducked and I ran… the groom a very best bud of mine chased me down to the dance floor and just about tackled me to get cake on my face as if to say “OH NO YOU DON’T WE PLANNED THIS YOU’RE GOING DOWN!” – it was funny! :)



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