Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day


You didn’t get thrown behind the bar at your own After Party?

… and then get dared to do a “reverse keg stand”?

… and promptly force your new husband to do it too when he made fun of you, to show him how freaking hard it is because HOLY SHIT beer comes out of a draft a hell of a lot faster than it does a keg hose?


No?  Too bad for your wedding, then.  :)

Sarah OUaL


23 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. LOVE IT!! I didn’t get thrown behind the bar but my new cousin-in-law did challenge me in a beer slamming contest. I’m still undefeated. We have the picture hanging on our fridge of me beating her in my wedding dress. I suggest you hang these on your fridge with pride!


  2. Hahaha reverse keg stand! Seriously, you guys had an incredibly original wedding ever, every component of the wedding is awesome!.

    The bf & I are determined to make our (someday) wedding as non-traditional as possible. For example, I’ll be wearing a red dress. Yeah, his super-hellbent-on-tradition-and-extremely-religious mother is NOT going to be happy ;) Well, she’s already not happy bc we’re living together before marriage…


  3. OMG I love this! Coolest thing I have ever seen. Most weddings I have been to the bride is exhausted and in bed right after the reception. Love your necklace, did I miss a post? Where is it from?


  4. I did end up behind bar after my wedding but definitely did not do reverse keg stands. I don’t think that would fly in Cali :) Freaking Ohio and it’s random awesomeness. Love these photos, agree that they need to be on the fridge or framed in the house!!!


  5. LOVES IT. We didn’t do reverse keg stands but we certainly went to the bar after the reception, and I took the remainder of our wedding cake with us for the bar patrons. Classssssy.


  6. What?! What is with all the commentors going to the bar on their wedding night?!

    How late were you out?

    This all sounds pretty crazy. We were very low key. No booze at the reception. Reception was done by 4 p.m. We were at our hotel by 7 p.m. like a couple of old people. LOL.


  7. HA! I love that your dress is hiked up so high! So funny. I told my future father-in-law that if he didn’t do a keg stand at my rehearsal dinner I was going to be truly disappointed in him. He did one 3 years ago at my future brother-in-law’s wedding rehearsal dinner.



  8. I am so glad I am not the only person who had a classy wedding! ;-)

    After our reception was over we went to a friends house and proceeded to continue to party in their garage! It was awesome! Yes we took what was left of the kegs with us there!



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