Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

We survived the move.  Well, technically it’s not over yet – there’s a ton of minor fix-ups to do at the new place (not to mention HOLY SHIT SO MUCH CRAP TO PUT AWAY) and some final move-out stuff to do at the ol’ place.  Hmph.  Boring.

The good news is there’s quite a bit of fun shopping to do as well :)  Curtains?  Area rug?  Lounge chairs & grill for our GINORMOUS deck???  Yes please, I’m ALL OVER THAT.

Unfortunately I’m out of town this weekend for work, so renovation/shopping/unpacking Sally is going to have to wait a few days.

Anyways that’s not why you’re here.  You want to see what I’ve got to pull you out of the 5-day wedding drought.  I’m anxiously awaiting for pro pics from Kayla  (turns out when you’re a super popular and BA photographer you have lots of editing and stuff to do, which apparently takes time)  and pinky swear once I have them, you’ll have them.  Well you won’t technically HAVE them, but you’ll SEE them.

Unless you want to have them.  Going rate is $1M (thanks Kim K) and I accept Paypal and Yogurtland gift cards.


My new in-laws sure know the way straight to my heart.

As if I couldn’t love them anymore, they got us a suite for us to watch the Indians/Yankees game the day after the wedding.  So we spent our first day as an old married couple cheering on our boys, eating & drinking to our hearts’ content, and soaking in our last day in Cleveland with our (newly joined) families and friends.

Oh, and we won.  AND there were fireworks.  Killer way to kick off a marriage, if you ask me :)

Sarah OUaL


17 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

    • Bahahahhaha. For real? I guess my secret is only washing 2x/week and blowdrying once every other blue moon. That way when you do actually do it it’s not pissed at you. Can’t get that kinda advice from Paul Mitchell…


  1. Glad the move went ok! I’m actually replying to your twitter thing on schwaggle bc I have no idea what Twitter even is!
    I’ve bought a couple of the apparel ones – you can get like $85 for $40 – and if they have the shoes / other stuff you like, awesome! The race ones always go fast. :(
    BUT DO OC FAIR 5k!!!!!! I AM DOING IT and I think Pam is too!!! It’ll be a fun blogger date :) Except for the running part.


  2. You’re amazing. Seriously mega stalked ALL of your wedding posts/recaps you looked GORGEOUS and B is so handsome! Congratulations Sarah!!! Now if you could give some requests on how to convince a man to propose….



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