Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

This is kind of a fake GWSotD, but I had to share anyways.  They’re too dang cute.

just married just do it

just married just do it B

SD Friend got B & I custom Nikes in our wedding colors!  How ridiculously appropriate for two active, sport-fiend newlyweds?  Like “JUST DO IT”, but “JUST MARRIED” – so much cooler than a tin-can-dragging car with a sign in the rear window.

Do you have any idea how excited I am for the Trash the Dress shoot now?  Oh man these bad boys are gonna be PERFECT.

My question for you : What’s the shelf life here?  How long, exactly, is the “just” in “just married”?  A month?  A year?  However-the-F-long-we-want?

just married family shot

(this was a staged photo – we did NOT go out in public with matching shoes.  we’re a non-vom-inducing couple, remember.)

Sarah OUaL

14 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. I think you can wear them as long as you want. With that said though you have to remember somwhere between the 4-6 month mark people will start looking at you like you are an idiot and roll their eyes when you tell them how long you’ve been married. :-)


  2. I decided “newlywed” is a state of mind…which is helpful to repeat as you’re picking up the piles of dirty clothes that just never quite seem to land in the laundry basket.


  3. Wow what a cute idea! Those shoes are awesome. You can be “just” married for however long you want girl!
    I have loved all your wedding pics by the way, I’m sorry I haven’t commented on them but they are super cute, looks like your wedding was a blast!


  4. oh my gosh – awesome kicks.
    i still say ‘just married’ & we’re going on 3 years. BUT i’m also “one of those” who says ‘the other day’ in reference to something that happened like 2 weeks ago.
    & i say “2 weeks ago” as a time frame for everything.
    i’m a bad example.



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