Wedding Weekend : The Final Hoo-rah (Indians Game)

We hosted a Farewell Breakfast in our room the morning after for all of our overnight guests.  Obviously when we said “Room #__ 8am-11am – Come say bye!” we hadn’t planned on being out until 3am eating sandwiches and dragging wedding gowns through downtown.  Oof.

But we drug our happy asses out of bed and opened our door, set out some boxed Starbucks, wheeled in a cooler of bottled water, and set out the carby breakfast foods for all our hungover guests to enjoy on their drive home.

After a quick nap, it was time to for the final event of Wedding Weekend – a trip to ol’ Jacob’s (Progressive) Field.

B’s parents booked the suite as our wedding gift, and I cannot think of another single better way to spend our final night in town than with our newely-jointed families and closest friends, watching a ballgame. 

Throw in all-you-can-eat&drink, the Indians pulling out a W over the Yankees, and perfect weather – pretty much solidified its spot as the best night ever.

All the HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY gave Brian a delusional taste of what married life might be like…

Sorry, babe.  Win the lottery so we can have a private jet & all-season suite and I promise to shove my crazy down the garbage disposal.

Mini Twin and I rocked our faux-twindom in our matching Pronk jerseys & “AMERICA, F YEAH!” Budweisers.  Making mom & dad proud one Bud Heavy at a time.

Brian rejoiced in eating mass-produced meat products rather than the shit I pretend to cook at home….

And Bob photo-bombed because he felt real important for some reason….

The crowd went wild…

And hospitality came to replenish our fridge about 26 times.

To top it all off, there were fireworks.  Oh yes there were.  It’s still undecided whether they were of the 4th of July, Indians Victory, or Sarah & Brian Are Married! variety…

All in all, a terrific way to kick off a marriage. Right??! All together now, AMEN.

& Go Tribe.


Sarah OUaL

14 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend : The Final Hoo-rah (Indians Game)

  1. This is definitely the best way to end a wedding weekend! You win, now I want to copy. (Not that I’m getting married or anything). Too bad my boyfriend hates baseball… he would want to end our wedding weekend watching Supercross… not quite the same. Haha Have fun on your honeymoon!!


  2. Wow you’re sitting up straight in that picture… usually beer makes me slouch, but beer has an Emily Post effect on you – good posture! So I’ll drink with you and you’ll teach me posture and manners and all that lady like nonsense. Or we can just drink together… Deal? Deal.



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