Moms, Credit Theft, & Sweet Rides

MOM IS EN ROUTE TO CALI!  She’s house/dog sitting for us while we’re in Costa Rica (we leave Monday night), and we get to spend a day or two playing before we take off.


Perk #329437 of living in a vacation town – people are more willing to do you “favors” if it includes hanging out beach side and soaking up 75 & sunny everyday.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t uploaded the professional wedding pics I promised yet, it’s BECAUSE THEY ARE LOST.  I swear to Jebus the USPS has a vendetta against me.  Stupid stamps, losing rings, and now this.

Not ok.

Oh and apparently our credit card was “compromised” – a merchant we recently purchased from got hacked and all sorts of awesome thievery was about to happen, so Capital One shut down our account and opened a new one.  I would be totally thrilled about their proactiveness and Hey We’re Not ID Theft Victims! except… we’re leaving the country Monday night.

Judging on the Post Office’s tract record with us, it’s unlikely we’ll have our new card by the time we leave.  So, if we get stuck at LAX unable to board our plane, or lost in Costa Rica with no money & no phones, you’ll know why.

(yes, I said no phones. no internet. ach – hold me.)

Anywho hope your Saturday doesn’t suck I’m gonna go cruise around town on my sweet new ride and forget about mail & credit theft for a while.


Yeah, it’s got a cup holder.  DON’T BE JEALOUS.

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “Moms, Credit Theft, & Sweet Rides

  1. wait a minute! you’re going to costa rica?! WOO HOO! how did I miss this small detail? we’re planning a trip for december or january and can not WAIT! where in CR? details, woman! and I hope you post pictures while you’re there!


  2. It’s too late, I was already jealous yesterday.

    Have a wonderful honeymoon! Plus if you guys get stuck in CR at least it is in a beautiful place. I’m sure you can probably catch your dinner in the ocean. You could live like that for months. But have a safe and fun trip. No internet or phone…sigh…that’s what I want!


  3. You would be amazed at how awesome not having phones or internet can be so long as you have great company. I survived Costa Rica in the HEAT of a myspace “new relationship” it was rough but I let go. I even thought about hitting up an internet cafe downtown … buttt decided against it. The girl thing that came of it… my now fiance finally wised up and figured long distance was worth it and asked me OFFICIALLY to be his girlfriend when I arrived back in the states… Think of it this way… maybe your parents will miss you so much and friends they’ll go GAGA and unpack all your stuff and do endless favors for the newlyweds.

    AND thank goodness Capital one is on top of their game – I lost my card in New Orleans when my pocket got picked and they were the quickest and most helpful in closing my account and issuing me a new card. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all this BEFORE your honeymoon [I guess it’s better than while ON your honeymoon] I hope your card arrives in time!!!


    *END BOOK*


  4. The night before our wedding my credit card company put a lock on my card because I purchased $350 worth of flowers the day before.

    They thought that was odd. Duh, I’m getting married! So I am calling them at 11 p.m. the night before my wedding to say UNLOCK MY CARD!!

    I was completely freaked out at first. I found out when we went on a run to Meijer to buy me a hairbrush after I forgot mine at home, and my card was declined.



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