Another “Training” Series Begins – Long Beach Marathon

It’s that time again, y’all.  I’ve got another 26.2 creeping up on my untrained ass (Long Beach, Oct. 9), and it’s time to put another No Train Racing Plan into action.

5W2M worked so well at the LA Marathon that I figured I’d give her another go.

515W2M is born.

The extra 1.5 is going to give me two extra Long Runs, I won’t be snowboarding after a 20 miler, and the odds of another Freak Monsoon hitting on race day are relatively low.

I like our chances here.

The masterminds at the OUaL Training Labs threw together another haymaker “plan” to get me across that finish line in one piece – smiling, vomit-covered, tear-stained or cartwheeling TBD.

It’s about as simple and rock-brain dumb as you can get, and no science/methodology/professional advice was used so I’d suggest backing far, far away before you decide to even think about adopting any of it.  I’ll have waivers for crap-hats who want a piece of the 5W2M pie to sign releasing me from any liability of injury/death caused by my made up plan.

(Time goals have been set but the decision to unveil them is still being debated)

So training starts… yesterday.

With a skipped workout.

Bang up good start.


Sarah OUaL

*** I’ve got a good list started of y’all that are gonna be there sweating/dying/partying with me – leave a comment/email/tweet if you’re going to be there so we can have an awesome time together.

I promise not to hug you if I’ve thrown up or pee’d on myself.


22 thoughts on “Another “Training” Series Begins – Long Beach Marathon

  1. Wow and I felt like crap trying to train for the half in 7 weeks?! Haha.. I’ll be there, I’ll be the one dying after I cross the finish line! Good luck with your “training” plan. :)


  2. I SO wish I could join you! I’m currently living in Michigan so it probably won’t happen – but I’ll cheer for you in spirit! I love your crazy training plans! I have used the snickers idea and although I am not athletic enough to follow your training plans I firmly believe in doing what works.

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!


  3. So I totally stole your idea and am doing a 7 weeks to marathon for myself. Since week one ends with a 4 mile run and week 2 ends with a 10 miler, I’m just going to start there. I think I’ll use this week and next to just get my head in the game. You know, by thinking about stretching a little and eating (and by eating, I also mean boozing) a lot. Mental safety first, right?


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  5. GAH so wish I was coming!!!! :( Unfortunately, I decided to go back to school and am JUST now getting back into running, so hopefully I can pull of an un-trained half marathon at some point this fall. Maybe next year?!?!

    P.S. I can’t wait to read about your honeymoon! Josh travels to Costa Rica for work sometimes, so all I ever hear about it is how crappy and un-fun it is (although the pictures he brought home from his last “work” trip included surfing and zip-lining……) so anyway, I think your trip will be much more exciting to read about!


  6. My guess is your time goal is a sub-4. Hitting a 4:15 on the last one in a monsoon WITH a bathroom break – doable. Yes, I remembered all that and didn’t have to even look back at your old posts. Because I’m creepy.


  7. Considering I have 5 weeks to train for my next full (assuming I man up and sign up for it), I think I’ll steal this. jk. I love creating plans more than I love running.. I could never do that. Can I predict your finishing time? 3:53. K. Done.


  8. Well, then, this is a downright eternity compared to LA. That’s 2 extra weeks div by 5 = 40% more training. Ha!

    It looks reasonable. If I didn’t find LBI miserably crowded, I’d consider it myself. Then again, I don’t really love repeating races unless they are awesome (like Carlsbad. Wonder if that has sold out already).


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