I Hope it Still Zips…

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow???

(hint : smile pretty!)

Hopefully my split-ends, airplane acne, tan lines, and drug-through-Cleveland-streets dress photograph well.

Sarah OUaL


10 thoughts on “I Hope it Still Zips…

  1. Ahh…trash the dress! I love the idea, but just don’t think I could do it! You should do something “Cleveland” inspired. Squirting stadium mustard all over it? Bahahahah!!!


  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUN!!!
    You should take a headband and try and get some running shots in there too. Like as if you showed up at a marathon with the wrong outfit on. It could happen. :)


    • And I just read your “Trash the Dress” entry. Looks like someone (ahem, you) had the running idea before me, so I’ll make another suggestion.
      Okay, got it! Re-enact the time you locked yourself out of your house and tried to scale your way in! Ninja bride.



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