AVCRH – Treehouse, Baby!

Day 1 – “hotel” #1

When we decided on Costa Rica for our honeymoon, I knew we were gonna have to do something crazy. It’s Costa Rica, man!  The freaking rain forest!  I want toucans on my balcony and monkeys sneaking in our room!

We definitely wanted a mix of adventure & luxury.  I mean, it IS our honeymoon, I want to feel spoiled A LITTLE.  But we also knew this was the time to do something wild – plan something a “normal” vacation wouldn’t be worthy of.

I googled my ass off.  Searching for hotels in a developing country aint that easy.  I’m not even sure half the country knows what a “web site” is.  But I eventually stumbled on The Tree Houses Hotel, and lord have mercy was it perfect.


(no false advertising here)

Mark & Lucy (the property managers) were once upon a time visiting tourists like us, came back for a second trip, and never left.  They run Tree Houses like they’re hosting age-old friends at their home and don’t even laugh when you pronounce cerveza like “ker-vay-sa”

(I was so confident in the one Spanish word I knew…)

Our “house” was awesome.  Running water, electricity, A/C and all.  It’s like roughing it without the stink or bug bites.


We dropped our bags and headed straight out to the 6K trail on the hotel property – needed to shake out the legs after being cramped up in an airplane & passenger van all day.


Saw some crazy shit growing straight out of a Tim Burton movie…


Got hungry, decided we could wait…


And finally arrived at our destination.  A beautiful, NATURAL hideaway pool & waterfall.  Seriously.  It’s a toss up whether I’d rather have the Pacific Ocean in my back yard or my own dang waterfall.  Somebody decide for me.


Got some trail running sprinting experience fleeing from the sudden downpour, and stopped at the office for our first beers of the trip.


Costa Ricans are really trusting – at least it seems so to cynical Americans.  A lot of places worked on the “honor system”, where you drank what you wanted and then paid afterwards for what you said you had.

At Tree Houses they had a cute set up where each House had a jar (we were the Sloth) and you put a big seed for big drinks, and a small seed for the small drinks you took out of the cooler.  When you checked out they tallied them up and added them to your bill.


Better than the dang sensors they put on the mini bar items in hotels these days…

Once back at our tree house (so much cooler than saying “our room”) we sat on the porch and enjoyed the storm since California hasn’t seen rain since like May, and we NEVER get thunderstorms.


(For the record, I did end up taking a proper shower.  Shocking, I know.)

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “AVCRH – Treehouse, Baby!

  1. That is amazing! When we were planning our C.R. HM i also read that many places worked on the honor system. I can already tell by the end of your recaps I am going to hate you and your stupid honeymoon ;-) I’m really sad that we had to cancel ours. wahhhhh


  2. this is so awesomel! i can’t believe it has AC! we’re staying in a really remote part of maui right now and it’s more condo less tree house and there’s NO AC. your treehouse sounds way cooler! cheesy pun intended i guess!


  3. A good friend of mine just had her honeymoon there too at the beginning of July and had an amazing time. The pictures are in-SANE! Such amazing wildlife and crazy plants. But how amazing is it that you stayed in a tree house? I’m way too high maintenance for that and would be afraid of something eating me in my sleep but it looks like you had an amazing time :)


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  5. Seriously? A tree house? I want to live there. Not kidding. The tree house has A/C…that alone one-ups my house. Not to mention the waterfall….and thunderstorms…and total awesomeness.

    I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your adventures!


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