AVCRHM – Yeehaw Waterfall

After our on-site hike, we headed down the road to a semi-sketchy little restaurant where nobody spoke ANY English.  Ordering was a real fiasco, but I did learn (through a serious game of charades) that “Italiano” is “vegetarian” and that “mas cerveza” is understood everywhere.

Make-shift veg meal was delicious, cerveza was cold, and the views were awesome.  Par for the course.

And one more picture of food before we move onto the exciting stuff.

(Have no fear, this is NOT becoming a healthy living blog…)

p.s. Costa Rican coffee is the shit.

Our first adventure was a horseback ride to La Fortuna waterfall.   We went to a local stable that Tree Houses recommended rather than the big, fancy, tour company that has 600 horses and pays other people to shovel their shit.

No thanks.  Corntown Sarah wants the real deal.  Alberto!

We rolled up and I know B was a little skeptical of what I’d gotten us into.  See, B’s a laid back, easy-going guy, but he still grew up in the suburbs.  City blood.

It didn’t take long for his inner country boy to come out, though!

This was the perfect relaxing-yet-adventurous way to kick off our week, especially coming off a long day of travel.  It was a great way to get a lay of the land, practice our Espanol, and see some pretty awesome things.

We tied up the horses and made the trek down to the basin on foot.  Risking lives and breaking a major sweat – down windy dirt trails and over jagged rock beds…

All for this.


And then I got in the water.  Because I wanted to go for a swim.  NOT because the sound of a rushing waterfall was making my bladder want to explode and I was nervous about spending the rest of the day in urine-soaked pants

On the way back up the trail I asked B if he remembered this Grey’s Anatomy episode and if he knew whether that fish only likes penises.

He didn’t.

I lived in fear and celebrated every pain-free pee afterwards.

It’s the little victories.


Sarah OUaL

13 thoughts on “AVCRHM – Yeehaw Waterfall

  1. oh man, you are hilarious. The horseback riding looks amazing, and the waterfall.. how beautiful! Currently trying to figure out how I can take a delayed honeymoon to C.R. soon.


  2. cool pics…I rode a horse in Cabo and it was so huge and tall that my head kept hitting trees.

    love the waterfall pics (don’t know why it reminded me of The Bachelorette show, probably because they always find a waterfall during their dates, lol). I ALWAYS look for waterfalls in Hawaii and they are not as pretty as the one in your pictures.


  3. Gorgeous, lady! And seriously…you made tea come out of my nose with that Grey’s Anatomy comment…mostly because I would have been thinking about the exact.same.thing. LOVE IT!


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