After all of the USPS drama, our wedding photos from Full Bloom Photography are safe in my hands.  Just begging to be poured & preened over for hours on end.  So many details! Friends! Memories! Double fisting!

(please don’t make fun of my awkward smiles – my cheek muscles got tired)

An excessively large collection is available for your viewing pleasure at the Wedding – Photos page :)







13 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!

  1. LOVE! You know David Tutera would DIE seeing the image of you holding not 1 but 2 beer bottles in your hands. I myself think it rocks my face off and I can’t wait to do the same. I say we start a frenzie and flood his inbox w/ images of hot brides w/ beer bottles to let him know it’s OK to let loose.

    He’s a visionary but bottom line… beer in a bottle = heaven! Even if you’re dressed to the 9’s!


    • Necklace & bracelet are from The Limited. They don’t have them anymore, but I’d suggest there, Loft, White House/Black Market, Express, J Crew, etc for pretty but not overly fancy statement jewelry. Or Etsy :)


  2. It’s definitely not a wedding if the bride and groom aren’t double fisting booze! And I’m saying this with 100% seriousness. I’ve been out of college for 7 years and I still think double fisting is incredibly resourceful. Look at the life lessons that were learned in that 4-year institution. Double fisting, beer bonging, and scavenging for food are lessons I’ll never forget.
    And apparently I forgot that I came to leave a comment complimenting you on your pictures, so I apologize. They’re super pretty :)


  3. Your photographer rocks! And u guys r pretty cute too! Can u tell I’m on my mobile with all these shortcuts words? Need to look at these on a full screen to do them justice.



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