AVCRH – Strap Me In, Muchacho

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Day 2 started bright and early when the Pure Trek guys picked us up to go  WATERFALL RAPPELLING!

From their tour description :

Your tour begins with a 30-minute 4×4 drive into the tropical rain forest outside the town of La Fortuna, in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano. We trek through the forest on magical trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica, a place very few people get to experience. Along the way we will have the chance to discover the secrets that lie hidden deep within the canyon.

From the first waterfall we will rappel down from the top into the beautiful and pristine canyon below. The adventure includes several rappels, three of which are along waterfalls, and one dry rock face.

Oh, that 4×4 ride they mentioned?  Not what we had in mind…

Bumping along on benches built into a pick up bed is a great way to wake up your organs in the morning.

Crammed in with 6 other people and a few tour guides hanging on the back (see middle photo) we finally made it up to base to get all safety’d up.

And then it was time for the hike to paradise.  I mean seriously, these trails through the FREAKING RAIN FOREST?  So incredible.  So, SO, incredible.  Especially when you remember bug spray.

We arrived at the first platform and got a quick rappelling overview.

And then it was time to take off!  Lean back, put faith in your harness and the foreigners below YOU, and hop on down.

Rappel #2 wasn’t quite as high…

but it was wet!

B was all peeing his pants pumped up about it, claiming it was the ‘COOLEST THING HE’S EVER DONE EVER IN HIS LIFE PERIOD, EVER.’  over and over again.

Like a good new husband he reneged and agreed that “of course getting married to you was ACTUALLY the coolest thing ever.  This is just a close second…


After our first major marital dispute it was time for rappel #3, which was really narrow.  Nothing like jutting rock cliffs on both sides to make you suck in your gut and try not to F up while you do something you’ve been doing for about 11 seconds.

By rappel #4 we were practically professionals, and B finally figured out the settings on our new waterproof camera to get one of my favorite (and most badass) shots of the whole trip.

(if you are from “Adventure World Productions” or put together those calendars of righteously awesome action sports shots, email me and I’ll send it to you for a small large nominal fee)

While getting un-hooked after my final rappel, I asked the dude,

“uno mas?”  (no)  “quatro mas??!”  (ha, no)  “DIEZ MAS!!!?”

(… don’t ask me what those numbers are, I just knew they were numbers and wanted to show off my Espanol.)

He told me No, we’re done, but do you want a frog???

Before I could knock the water out of my ears and grasp what he said, he was shoving a GIANT ass toad in my face.

Yeah, I screamed.

Later we discovered it was one of those poisonous psychedelic toads that you lick and get all crazysauce stupid and/or dead.

Found that out after I had it shoved in my face and petted it like a dog.  Call it a wash that I didn’t die but didn’t wind up like Home-dog either.

Toads aside, this was one of the most exhilarating, earth-shattering, once-in-a-lifetime things I’ve ever (or will ever) do.  There’s something really special about looking up to hundreds of feet of trees, hidden from the sun, sky, and outside world, and then using your own body (and ropes) to travel down waterfalls and rock cliffs that NATURE MADE, not man.  Beautiful, exciting, and scary all rolled into one helmeted/harnessed little ball.

Suck on that, America.

Sarah OUaL


21 thoughts on “AVCRH – Strap Me In, Muchacho

  1. ew, not a fan of the gigantic psychedelic frog. that is just rude.

    Rappelling looks absolutely amazing. I think I would be scared, very scared – like, i’d be crying & laughing as I’m rappelling my crazy ass down that waterfall.. and then i’d be like you at the end “MAS!!!!!!”


  2. Love it! Especially the wedge shot…we went ziplining and that damned harness was so far up my bajangle by the end of the trek, it should have bought me a drink. For serious. My helmet was broken too so I seriously looked hot. Like majorly. We have photo proof if you ever need a good self-esteem boost :D


  3. This absolutely amazing!! I’m getting married in April (coincidentally to the baseball player I fell in love with too) and cannot wait for our honeymoon. Haven’t gotten it all planned out yet, but Costa Rica is sure looking like a great option.


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