515W2M – Mid-Season Update


I haven’t written about running much because I can’t even get caught up on honeymoon recaps, let alone daily (ahem, semi-daily) activities like working out.  Plus I don’t have any earth-shattering tips, times, or breakthroughs that are worthy of your time, soo…

You’re welcome.

But we are less than a month from the Long Beach Marathon, which I guess isn’t that exciting when your training plan is only 46 days long, but it seems monumental nonetheless.

So here’s a super quick recap of the last 2.5 weeks.  Because once upon a time (Lime) this was a running blog, and I’m sure you’re dying to hear how the grueling OUaL pretend training plan has been going.

  • Speed work – I’ve been running my mid-week runs pretty fast.  Mostly because the beach path is always full of jackoffs and I just want to be away from them, but also because it’s kind of fun to go fast.
  • Long runs – Have been pretty awesome (once I got my pacing down after that ugly first long run).  I’ve been in a good place mentally for them – confident but realistic, and enjoying the challenge rather than dreading the pain/boredom – which is the only rationale I can come up with for why these haven’t absolutely blown balls.  I’m sure I just jinxed myself, so we’ll see how 19 go on Thursday.
  • Scheduling –  I manage to do what I’m told about 12% of the time.  This week I’ll be doing my 19 miler Thursday night after work, since there’s no way in hell I’m doing it in Ohio the morning of the Jason Aldean concert.  (only because Corntown isn’t even 19 miles around, and running laps around an ENTIRE TOWN is kind of daunting)  I’m not sure why I ever waste my time drawing up a schedule in the first place.
  • Ice, Stretch, Cross Train, Lift – Ummm.  I plead the fifth.
So there’s that.  And it turns out y’all aren’t dumb and figured out my goal is indeed to run a sub-4 hour marathon.  Earth-shattering, I know.
(If you remember the LA Marathon where the monsoon, 5 week plan, and stupid porta-potty break got me a 4:02.xx, please don’t bring it up.  I prefer to keep blissfully ignorant to it and the pressure of coming OH SO CLOSE once already.)
(ahem, Paula.)
Sarah OUaL

33 thoughts on “515W2M – Mid-Season Update

  1. Oh yes, I’ll be doing my long run on Thurs night too (for real this time, not like that 15 a couple weeks ago…). The plan to run in San Diego this wknd has been foiled by the itinerary I received from our friends: Rascal Flatts concert, Jack Daniels themed party, dinner & drinks downtown, and plenty of tequila+pickle juice shots (your fave, right? haha) I still can’t believe you’ll be out of town, what are the chances?!

    You.will.break.four.hours. No question about it.
    #OUaLrunsLAsub4 <—yup, will happen.


  2. Running around an entire town is more daunting than running 19 miles after work? That doesn’t even make sense ;-)

    I have seen Jason Aldean once at a local festival here, but I would love to see a real show of his.. (fun factoid.. I went to school with some boys whose Dad is now married to Jason’s wife’s Mom). yah. cool


  3. dude, you are super fast. like gazelle fast. wait–are gazelles fast? ok how about cheetah fast? oh but cheetahs actually are only fast for a short period…i heard racehorses are actually faster over a longer period of time, so perhaps you’re racehorse fast. The point is, you WILL do it in less than 4 hours. I believe in you!!

    p.s. where do you do yoga?


  4. Love that you can bust out 19 after work like its no big deal.Freaking. Awesome. If you are running your long runs now at a 9:07 you will run a sub 4! Yeeeehhhaaawwwwww!

    Jason Aldean is awesome live but I bet you already know that. Oh, and he’s nice to look at!! You are going to have a blast!


  5. Oh! You should have everyone guess your time for the LBM and whoever is closest (which, let’s face it, will probably be me) will get a large margarita. I’m not sure how the delivery system on that will work yet.


  6. Great job with training! You’ll get your sub 4. As a congrats, I’ll send you one of our home-brews. A sub 4 AND free beer? Does it get any better?! I think not.
    Oh and Jason Aldean? Jealous! We saw Eric Clapton at Blossom a few years back. It’s a great venue for a concert.


  7. Training plans are made to be broken–like all the time. I always tell myself that every week means a new start and I can actually stick to my daily mileage/workout. Most of the time, this never happens. Kudos to you though for doing a long run after work. That would never happen in good old Central Texas this time of year–it’s still much to hot.


  8. Thank God endorphins aren’t readily availble in pill or liquid form (or are they??). Lazy runners looking for a high would be out of control. Not that you’re lazy. I’m lazy right now and would like some endorphins to kick in, but putting on my shoes seems like a lot of work right now. Sigh, and the vicious cycle continues.


  9. Perhaps this will make you feel better: My H had a goal of a sub-4M. He finished in 4 hours and 4 seconds. No matter how much I tell him that he still did it, he doesn’t think it counts. So maybe completely missing your sub 4 doesn’t *hurt* as bad as barely missing it, eh?


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