Putting Out & Name-less

I’ve always been very lady-like and proper, which is why I only gave you a snippet of my Trash the Dress session two weeks ago.

But nobody ever said anything bad about putting out on the second date (right?), so go take a look at the rest of the goods in my Trash the Dress album.


I finally got around to updating/cleaning up the Wedding Page, so go ahead and browse around there while you’re at it.  “The Main Event” needs finished, but so do the things I actually get paid for at my job, soooo… that’ll have to wait.

(In the meantime you can get a full selection of wedding-related posts by clicking here)


Moving on from wedding & I-should-probably-get-fired news…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve heard the random incoherent babblings about Ragnar SoCal already.

Yup, it’s true.

(…that was my just kissing away all my weekends from now until April to long runs)

My stinky, un-showering, potty mouthed ass will be cramped up in a van with a bunch of poor souls for a 24 hour, 200+ mile relay race in April.  (I had to word it a little more eloquently to convince them to join me)

We’ve lined up a freaking ridiculously awesome roster and I’m all peeing my pants excited about it.

We’ve got all the people, excitement, and bodyglide/Gu/runningskirts/booze to kick off this party… BUT NO NAME.

This is where you come in.

We have two teams  –  a 12-(wo)man team, and a 6-(wo)man Ultra team.  All chicks, almost all bloggers, all SoCal and beauteous.

SkinnyRunner, Chacha, Margot, moi, Pam, HauteRunningMama

Heather, Becka, Rose, Kat

PrettyFittie, Kate & Ang, Monica, BrokeRunner

Madison, Elisabeth, Danica

We’re opening up a multi-blog Team Name Challenge.  Leave your team name suggestions here in the comments, we’ll choose our favorites from all of the blog submissions, and then post our Top 10 for a blog-wide poll.

The top two vote-getters will get the honor of being chalk-painted on our vans, screen-printed across our boobs, and written in blogland a bagillion times.


And you’ll win the biggest hodge-podge of running junk awesome the 18 of us can throw together.  (cough cough, SkinnyRunner shirt)

Double Sweet.

So put on your thinkin cap, have a few drinks if it gets your creative juices flowing, and let me hear what you got.

And then say “told you so!” since I swore Long Beach would be my LAST long-long distance race.


Sarah OUaL

35 thoughts on “Putting Out & Name-less

  1. Team WSFWB (we so fly we ballinnnn’!)

    Team Srennur! (Haha get it, runners backwards).

    Team Stayin Alive!

    Team Sleep Is For the Weak

    Smooth Moves

    Biddies Be Movin’!

    Too sleepy, will try to think of wittier ones tomorrow!


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  3. Team Awesome, Sisters by Other Misters, Hells Belles, Running of the Belles, Witty Young Things, Fast and the Glorious, Belles of the Blog, Fast and Loose Lipped, The Pen is Mightier, Belligerent Beauties


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