19 Down & PSA from Corntown

19 miler, check.

Up at 3:30am, compression sleeves and eye-bags on, CHECK.

I split up last night’s run.  It sorta feels like cheating but I didn’t have much choice since I’m a horrible planner – it got dark and cold so fast (actually, at the same time it always gets dark and cold) so after 9 miles I hopped in my car, drove the 20 minutes home, put on a long sleeve and finished the final 10 on the beach path.

Safety first.  I didn’t want to get kidnapped running the other trail far from home in the dark, and I didn’t want to get sick because I’m now


L would like you to know what Corntown has in store for our big Jason Aldean outing this weekend :

From Bachelorette#1 in April

Ridin’ in style, obviously.  We love us some ugly buses.

And hangovers.  I’ll go ahead and say it now  –  We’re too old for this shit.

See ya from Cali (if I make it out of OH alive…)

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “19 Down & PSA from Corntown

  1. Have fun at the concert!!! You will love it!! But “I think I”ll have just ONE more” always seems like a GREAT idea at the time, lol…..until the next morning, right?? Yes, it just gets harder as you get older, but hey, we only live once, right? :)


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