Jason A, Short Bus, VIP, DNR, etc

We’ve got some GREAT suggestions for the Ragnar team names.  Keep ’em coming, we’ll be picking our top 10 later this week.

Remember there’s a hodge podge collection of awesome coming your way if we choose yours.  I’m submitting my drinking hat into the prize pack since I no longer need it after this weekend.  

Also if anyone has a spare liver or dignity laying around, let me know.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I survived yet another Corntown assault on my ‘YOU’RE NOT IN COLLEGE ANYMORE, ASSHOLE’ body.

… barely.

I need to preface the story with a few notes to eliminate mass confusion and divorce rumors.

  • I flew home on frequent flyer miles that were going to expire – cost me $20 round trip, total.  I would NOT have paid full price for a ticket just to see a concert.  (as much as I really do love Jason Aldean)
  • Because of this, B did not come with me.
  • He still loves me and my shriveled, dry-roasted liver.
Ok, now we can move on to the good stuff.

Laur picked me up from the airport Friday and we got to work burning through our palates with chocolate dipped jalepenos :

Mother F those peppers were hot.  I LIKE hot, and figured the sweet little chocolate shop would have a pretty tame temper for spicy.  Heck no.  You win, Rocky Mountain Chocolate.

From there we headed over to a co-worker get together.  Where I did some fall research for you.  Straight from the bean fields & un-lined catwalks backroads of fashion-forward Corntown :

Red Solo cups are an optional accessory.  You can cancel your Vogue subscription now.

Saturday I woke up & drug my ass through 3 slow miles, praising baby Jebus the whole way that I did my Long Run after work Thursday.

Came home and threw on my flannel for a twinsies shot with dad :

Then it was time to head to L’s to get ready for the bus/concert.  (“get ready” obvs = “ingest copious amounts of alcohol”)  Mom dropped me off at the party – in a minivan – just like junior high (ahem, foreshadowing), where her dog refused to share more than 10% of the front seat with me :

We finally got to the amphitheater – late, obviously – and made our way into a spot at the top of the hill.  Oh, maybe like 4 miles from the stage.  At that point we were so full of Busch, all that mattered was having a soft place to land if we fell and rolled down through the throngs of cowboy boots and empty plastic cups.

Just then we ran into Bob (remember Bob the marry’er?)  Guess what he had?  An extra VIP ticket!

I looked back at L & Shea like I was begging my parents to let me go to a party at the coolest guy in school’s house whose parents wouldn’t be home.

Bob’s moving to Japan in a few weeks, and his friend bailed on him at the last minute so he was there alone.  I felt bad ditching my group, but with their consent I ran down to the action with him, knowing it’d be the last time we got to hang out before he leaves.

Thanks, Bob :)

CONFESSION : I fell asleep during intermission.  I have nothing to say for myself.  The combo of traveling, whacky sleeping, and all day drinking did me in.  Bob left for like 6 minutes to get beer, came back and I was just out.

The fresh beer must have worked like a smelling salt though – Bob told B,

I woke her up and it was like she’d slept for 13 hours – back up and ready to party!’

Like a puke and rally without the puke part, I guess.

Anywho the concert was amazing – there are very few pieces of photographic evidence that we actually went, so I’ll leave you with the only picture where I don’t look like a drunk asshole.

Yeah, that was early.  There’s still light outside.

The good news is I have two months to prime my liver until the next Corntown Adventure.  I’ll be petitioning for a Mocktail Turkeve this year…

Sarah OUaL


18 thoughts on “Jason A, Short Bus, VIP, DNR, etc

  1. Puke ‘n rally without the puke is about as awesome as it gets. Puke ‘n rally I’m not sure is even really good. Because likely after the rally there will be more puke.

    But that’s pretty funny that you fell asleep at a concert. That’s gotta be first.


  2. Dude, my mom totally drops me off at the bar when I go home and I don’t know if I should feel ashamed to ecstatic that there’s no way that I’d be DD. One time, she wasn’t happy with my shoe choice (the fam is in Wyoming and being a Cali girl now, I had flops on), took me shoe shopping and then dropped me at the bar. Best. Night. Ever.


  3. Oh my gosh, I am recovering from my own “you’re not in college anymore, asshole” weekend. But, a good friend getting married, an open bar, and reuniting with friends will do that to you.


  4. Oh we will drink together in real soon enough, and it will be GLORIOUS!!!!! Glad you had fun! I’m so jealous though :) I’m thankful for what my Papa Red and my dad have called, “the Staires liver” (as in my last name, yo)! Thank goodness for being partially cajun and irish :) I’ve only been drunk 1 or 2 times! xo


  5. I had a “you’re not in college anymore, a-hole” experience at our friends’ wedding in Oregon 2 weekends ago. That weekend also involved a party bus with stripper poles and coolers, and some shotgunning beer including PBR, Coors Light, and Keystone Light.


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