Stubborn Sarah Says No

I have more than half a Costa Rican honeymoon to write about, marathon training to update you on, and a bagill pics to share.

But I don’t want to.

And when Stubborn Sarah doesn’t want to do something, it doesn’t happen.

Maybe later.

Instead how bout a late-night (I think?) pic from Jason Aldean – where Laur, Shea, & I fell into a time warp and acted like our younger, drunker old selves.


If good friends are supposed to bring out the “best” in you, I’m in the market for some new ones.

(obviously a joke I wouldn’t trade those two girls for thing in the world. not even my own yogurtland. well, maybe that. but probably not. definitely not anything else.)

Sarah OUaL


5 thoughts on “Stubborn Sarah Says No

  1. LMAO I have so many drunken pics with my friends. It never changes no matter how old you get. Sometimes you just have to go out an break it loose.
    I also saw the Jason Aldean concert down here in Charlotte. It was an awesome show!



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