AVCRH : Hotel #2 – Nayara

At happy hour the other night with Nicole and NewlywedsOnABudget, I was verbally attacked for my lame blog handicap-ness :


Ok!  Christ. . .

It’s been over a month now and I just figured nobody gave a shit anymore.  But since at least one person does… here we go.

AVCRH (A Very Costa Rican Honeymoon) Recaps insofar


Treehouse Hotel

Horseback to La Fortuna Waterfall

“The Bus Ride”

Waterfall Rappelling

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After badass’ing down the rain forest waterfalls, we headed over to our second hotel, Nayara.

Romantic & honeymoon-y isn’t really our thing, but we wound up booking this place anyways for a few reasons :

  • Their Honeymoon Adventure package included lots of awesome stuff we already wanted to do, and they’d take care of the booking & transportation.
  • Breakfast & dinner included – love going to a meal and not worrying about $
  • Their website is pretty and in English –  No habla Espanol, remember?
  • The digs & the views.  Seriously.
  • … everything else.
from Nayara’s website



(that’s a gymnast’s handstand – not a yogi’s handstand)


We were greeted with fruit juice and “refreshing” towels that smelled EXACTLY like orange creamsicles when we arrived.  I held it over my face for like 40 seconds – head tilted back, maybe making weird noises – until the reception lady cleared her throat and asked if we could proceed with check in.


Nayara Receptionist (w cute accent) : “So we have you checking out on the 22nd…”

Me (w creamsicle towel on top of head) : “Hmmm?  No, the 23rd”

NR : hehee… “no, 22nd.”

Me : “Nope.  We fly back on the 23rd.”

NR : “Honeymoon package is for 4 nights.  4 nights is check out 22nd.”

Me : “I requested an extra night on top of the package.  Please add it now.”

NR : “Ooohhh, so sorry.  We’re completely booked!”  (tilts head like a dog and smiles like an idiot)

Me :

I was convinced we were going to be camping out in the Nayara parking lot, but we found a hotel a little ways down the road that had a room that didn’t cost a quadrillion dollars.

Honeymoon crisis : AVERTED.  (with some help from our friends barley & hop)

After letting the vitamin D (I spf’d, obvs) and booze do their work on my blood pressure, we went back to the room and… LOOKIE THERE!  A complimentary bottle of champagne was waiting for us.

Welp, better get on that.


BTW – you can buy love.  It’s carbonated and is served chilled from a hammock with volcano views.

Up next (in case anybody else, other than Erika cares...) : White water rafting & more gymnast-y type performances…

Sarah OUaL


16 thoughts on “AVCRH : Hotel #2 – Nayara

  1. That hotel looks awesome! I am so jealous of your honeymoon.. I’m not sure I could convince my fiance into a tree top hotel room like the other one, but he would love something like this.


  2. Can you hold that handstand? That is something I have yet to master. I can kick up from down dog (even the bunny-hop, two-legged entry) but I can’t hold it for more than a few seconds. Half the time I flip over into a backbend (while speed-praying in my head that I land safely). I’m much closer to pincha mayurasana but even that one, I really need a wall to not fear hurting myself.


  3. This looks amazing! And relaxing. And overall FANTASTIC. I need a relaxing vacation. I would have freaked out if they didn’t have me down for the extra room. Glad to see you remained calm


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