"Excuse me, where is your PR section?"

After loitering at Starbucks with Sarah and Katie for a good portion of the afternoon, I took my over-caffeinated ass on a treasure hunt….

To find the perfect SUB4ORDIE! outfit for the Long Beach Marathon.

Have I told you I’m trying to break 4 hours?  No?

…Have I told you much about anything running lately?

That’s about to change.

My last long training run – 21 miles – is on tap for tomorrow (today?), then it’s taper time, baby!  Bet you didn’t think there was time for tapering in a 6.5 week plan.  Oh yes there is.  I’ll always make time for it.  Taper is my one true love.

(just kidding, B)

But really, other than the whole training nonsense, what you WEAR on race day is pretty much the biggest part of racing, RIGHT??  So you can imagine the duress I’ve been under the past few days, with such an important race to outfit.

A fresh pair of Brooks Ghost 3’s are ordered.  Orange, this time, since it appears the green ones are breeding at night in my closet :


(Yes, I am still terrified of the upgrade.  I’m resisting the Ghost 4’s until not a single pair of 3’s is left for sale/pawn/steal.)

First up, I need a new pair of tights.  Nothing is wrong with my current Nikes other than a little wear/tear (I’ve worn them for every marathon, and every training run over 15 miles), and the plain black is kind of boring.

I just happen to stumble into the Nike store, and look what I found.  On sale!


As I walked out of Nike, a little red sign caught my eye from two floors down.  That and my overpriced workout gear senses were super heightened thanks to SOMEBODY…



Before I knew what was happening, I was walking into Lululemon… the sale rack had a magnetic force on me, I swear.  I had no defense against it.  Truly.

… really.

But $19 for a coveted pair of groove shorts – even if they’re two sizes too big – I just couldn’t resist the cult any longer.  After 1.5 years living in OC… it was a good run.


(those aren’t for the race, but I had to tell you brag anyways)

I’m still on the hunt for a top – which I knew I wouldn’t find at DSW, but I had a $10 reward and it was on my way home so I went anyways.

Eeeeeerrrhhh!  Pit stop.


Again, absolutely nothing to do with the race, but what a deal!

When I showed B, his first words :

Nice, don’t you have some just like it?


Totally different, duh.

So, in summary :

  1. I will be wearing blue printed tights when I cross the finish at Long Beach (with a 3 on the clock).  The rest is TBD
  2. I’ve fallen prey to the Lulu spell, but pinky promise it didn’t get me completely
  3. I’m still a bargain-hunter extraordinaire

Tata folks – if you hear from me tomorrow it means the promise of taper and a Sweaty Emily visit kept me from dying on my run.

Sarah OUaL


14 thoughts on “"Excuse me, where is your PR section?"

  1. I always go into Lululemon w/ the intention of buying something bc everyone says the clothes are amazing, but I always walk out with nothing. I just can’t get over the price tag!


  2. Sara, what size are you in the Brooks Ghost? We have the 3 at my running store at 50% off! I actually wore a pair yesterday and thought about you and purchasing two pairs at some expo.


  3. YOU WILL SUB 4!!!! I can feel it!! Can I track you?!?! Love your new pr tights and those shoes are incredible…and so cheap. PS if those guidelines for racing flats are true….pretty sure you should be racing in them too:) LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see you SOON!


    • There’s no runner tracking this year :( I”m going to try and convince Brian to update my twitter from the course, though! Can’t wait to see you! I should have my itinerary later this week so I”ll let you know for sure when I’ll be there and we can hang out :)


  4. ok so i totally read that as Sub four ordie. and i was like “what the heck is an ‘ordie’? is it a cool word for ‘order’? you know, like you’re trying to be cute or something so it sounds like “ordy”

    …i finally got it by the end of the post…or die…two words…got it.


  5. I NEED to start finding bargains like this! I can’t find anything for under $40 ever. (Well, except I did get my Nikes for $17…so maybe I’m a one-upper?) But seriously, Lululemon for $19?! Score!



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