515W2M–Last Long-Long Run

So today I ran 21 miles.



My new PR pants?  Love them.


Guys, I’m nervous – but not for the reasons you probably expect.  I’m not worried about the distance.  I’m not worried I’m undertrained.  I’m not worried I’m not going to meet my goal.

(ok, a little about those things, too)

I’m really worried because ALL of my runs have gone SO WELL – I know, real rough life.  But being the pessimist I am, I JUST KNOW there’s a bad one lurking around the corner.  It can’t go this smoothly the whole time, right?

AND HELLO I’M OUT OF TIME FOR SHITTY RUNS!  The race is in < 2 weeks!!!

I really might sabotage next week’s 15 miler just to make sure I get it out of my system before then.

I refueled with a bottle of white wine and a nap on the deck, so I’m out of words for you.  515W2M continues to be a raging success.  It has Franklin’s seal of approval.


Sarah OUaL


25 thoughts on “515W2M–Last Long-Long Run

  1. Oh my gosh, I saw your black animal in the first picture and thought you owned the biggest cat in the entire world. Like a black bear/bobcat combo animal. I was scared.
    Way to go on your run! You’ll destroy long beach. Fo real.


  2. ok creepy comment possibly… but I have been reading your blog for a few weeks cause it’s hilarious… but I was running with my hubs on Sunday morning and saw you running opposite of us… in a nerd way I told my husband about your blog. {feel like a celeb.} You’ll kill the sub 4.


  3. I know exactly what you mean, I am in week 9 of my half marathon training and it has been going so good, I have been kicking butt and then on Friday I got sick! So I have been fighting on a cold/sinus thing for the past 3 days…hopefully your runs will continue to go good! Good luck girl!


  4. I kinda dig the PR ‘fit even if it isn’t green. Hohum. But I think you’re crazy for wearing capris………. I’d be cookin’! Can’t wait for your sub4 performance!!!


  5. I am so stinkin’ jealous that you can braid your hair like that! I can barely make a ponytail! I’m tragic.

    You TOTALLY have sub 4, and I can’t wait to read all about it.

    Thanks for weighing in on my shuffle purchase! I was actually thinking that it being so little would be a convenience! My arm actually bumped my nano a few times, once knocking it off my shorts, causing a vile string of expletives to leave my mouth mid run. Ok, well more vile expletives than usual. The shuffle doesn’t have the screen, but I NEVER once used the screen on my nano. It was so old school that it was the super old black and white screen that didn’t even play videos or show pictures! Clearly the screen isn’t of importance to me.


  6. I don’t know if you heard but I have tendinitis and so I basically hate everyone that can run (including animals). I especially hate you for running 20+ miles.

    Just kidding…

    not really.

    I’m glad the team name I like most is winning in the polls right now. WAHOO!


  7. atta girl! way to attack the 21 miler!! i am pumped for the long beach marathon and recently got your email about a pre-carb dinner. i am trying to figure out what to do with the husband while i attend.. hopefully it will all work out.
    (feel free to think i am soooo creepy by the next question) do you want a running buddy for the marathon? i am hoping to PR with a 3:55 or so. talking with a stranger for 4 hours would make the time go by sooo fast, right!?! (i have a private blog and i will send you an invite so you won’t think that i am some creepo-murderer ;)
    regardless, your running nickers will make you easy to spot on the course ;)


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