Our Lives Are In Your Hands

Your opinion has never mattered more.

We’ve collected 18 awesome runners from all over Southern California and created two Ragnar Relay teams – an Ultra team and a 12-man team – both presently nameless.


18 Jane Does.

Y’all accepted our challenge and came up with some AWESOME suggestions – nearly 200 of them, actually.  We picked our top 10 favorites, and are leaving the ultimate decision back in your hands.

Choose wisely – remember this will be plastered all over our shirts, blog-land, and sharpie’d on the face of the first person to fall asleep in my van (I am a 12 year-old slumber partier at heart).

Not to mention what they’ll call out when we cross the finish line on Coronado Island – I don’t anticipate a lot of other teams being there yet to hear it, but the spectators will ;)


SkinnyRunnerChachaMargot, moi, Pam, HauteRunningMama


PrettyFittieKate & AngMonicaBrokeRunner



Vote as many times, for as many names, as your little heart desires.  Voting will close (and our teams will FINALLY  be named) Friday (9/30) at midnight PST.

Oh, and in case you forgot – there is a ridiculously awesome prize pack for the brains behind the winning names – Mission Skincare, iTunes gift card, Gu, Competitor Magazine, hand-knit infinity scarf, SkinnyRunner shirt, etc etc ad nauseum.  So much cool shit, that’s what you’ll win.



31 thoughts on “Our Lives Are In Your Hands

  1. The rum one I’ve seen on T-shirts at races before. So, that one has a possibiltiy of being on someone else’s shirt. Free team advertising? The boobs one is hilarious. I vote for anything with the word boobs in it, though.


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  3. I’ve seen the “ruM” on shirts at races before (onemoremile makes them) so even though it’s funny, it’s not original. I like the “cooler online” because it gives a shout out to you guys being bloggers.

    Although, I am curious about the completely stupid reject names y’all got.


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  5. So Much Cooler Online is great–you know that’s a Brad Paisley song, though, right? Spectators might think it’s hilarious to serenade you with it throughout the relay. It’s really funny the first 3 times you hear it. And then. I’m not aware of any country songs about boobs by the dozen, though, so that’s getting my vote.

    Oh, I guess maybe I should’ve entered that name in the contest: Boobs By The Dozen. Write-in votes, anyone?


    • Haha I sing that song to my sister all of the time but I change it to her name, because, well, that’s what sisters do! Tee-hee! That would be fun- especially if we could get our support team to play it as we cross the finish line :)


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  8. We were promised more cowbell… hilarious! I just watched that for the first time after listening to my husband talk about it for the last three years.


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  11. I like the cooler online one, the “I thought they said rum” seems like it came straight from the One More Mile website. (I like the saying, I even have a shirt that says it, it’s just not very original if that’s what you’re looking for.) No matter what you call yourselves, you guys rock.


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