AVCRH : Rafting With The Boys

Continuing on with the supremely tardy (as in late AND dumb) honeymoon recaps



When the van picked us up for our rafting trip, there were two Aussies visiting for a surf vacay already on board.

Jose (raft guide#1) : ‘YOU FOUR ARE IN MY RAFT!’

When we picked up the other four rafters – two skinny little bikini-wearing girls and their less-than-masculine boyfriends – I realized what happened.  Raft guide #1 totally called dibs.

I was pretty pumped to be on the unspoken “A Team” and wanted to prove I could hang with the big dogs.




We fell in perfect sync right away –  pulling away from the other raft (not that it was a race or anything…) and got into a real good groove.  Our guide started taking us through the bigger rapids and routing us through the challenging parts of the river, and we were kicking some serious river ass.

And then we hit a GIANT bump, I catapaulted out of my seat, over Brian’s shoulder, and into the water.

(wo)Man down.

(in my defense one of the Aussies fell out, too)

It wasn’t a huge deal, but I was still bummed to have lost some BA (badass) points with my crew.

(Reenactment in the still water further down stream)

We continued on, and eventually pulled up to a little cove.

We were way ahead of Raft#2, so we stopped to play around a while.  I watched the boys cannonball, dive, and jump while screaming like a girl into the water, and stepped up for my turn.

Time for redemption!


One cliff backflip later (with a perfect feet-first entrance, btw) and my spot with Team A was solidified.  Booyah, boys!

We were on the river for about 3 hours total, including pit stops to let the slow pokes catch up, and I think we covered 11 miles?  It was a SUCH blast – tied in 1st of the Most Awesome Adventure contest with waterfall rappelling – and I was sore the next day so bonus points for getting a good workout in.

100% convinced it was so awesome due to the awesome people with us.  Big props to Jose for calling dibs on the A-Team.

Oh and the free beer after just sealed the deal ;)

Sarah OUaL

10 thoughts on “AVCRH : Rafting With The Boys

  1. Word Sarah, word. Being a badass always trumps cooking, cleaning, showering, and sewing (I’m adding that because I’ve recently been informed that I need to “get it together” on the sewing homefront). I’m definitely smelling what you’re stepping in.


  2. This is super badass! That looks so fun. I had a not great experience rafting, when what was supposed to be a lazy float down a river with beers turned into a rain storm with rapids and me getting bucked out of the raft. I’m pretty sure I saw my life flash before my eyes. Haha… Good times.


  3. Looks like a tough workout, but also ridiculously fun! And what an ego boost to be on the A-Team.
    I was on vacation a couple weeks ago and on a very boring horseback ride, thanks to the other 3 riders not being advanced enough for the trail (it was 3 hours, super rocky and steep – not for the faint of heart). I felt unsafe b/c they couldn’t control their horses, and will never book a public tour again!


  4. Best marriage advice ever! I hope to tell my future husband “I can’t cook but I am a bad ass”
    I went whitewater rafting this summer and loved it. Had a similar experience where I was catapulted out of the raft but after slightly peeing myself, I recovered and decided it was fun and then proceeded to jump off large rocks.
    Now can you guys go get married again so I can live vicariously through your posts. k, thanks


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