Voids Filled & The Next 8 Months

The “good” : county-wide internet outtage completely disrupts office productivity. No internet = no phone = no can do.

The “bad” : laptops, blackberries, and free Sbux wifi puts some of us back in commission while the rest of the office gets to sit around watching a How I Met Your Mother marathon waiting for connectivity to be restored.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about anything other than Long Beach, Ragnar, the forever-ago-honeymoon, and reuniting with my hillbilly side…

Actually I’m not sure I’ve ever talked about anything other than running, the wedding, or being a hot-mess country train-wreck awkwardly displaced in Orange County.  I guess I finally found OUaL’s niche.

Well with the wedding over (and the honeymoon recaps almost finished, swear) something’s gonna have to fill that void.  For the sake of my liver and pre-maturely aging body, I choose running.

(for the record that does not mean there will be a lapse in booze-related frivolity, it just means there will be roughly two parts running for every one part i’m-too-old-for-this-shit)

So let’s hop straight on that train and have a look at what’s coming up (post-Long Beach) …

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday 10/15  –  Chapman University 5k with Team Sparkle!

This race is 6 days after Long Beach, so my game plan will be 100% reliant on how I feel post-mary.  My 5k PR could really use some updating, but obvs my #1 priority is the marathon.

The good news is even if this is a fun/recovery/wheelchair race, I’ll be in great sparkly company!

(big thanks to Enthusiastic Runner – I won my skirt from her Favorite Things giveaway!)

* * * * *

Sunday 11/6 – Iron Girl 10k  in Del Mar

(Remember when Blonde Ponytail ran this in Seattle and said it was super awesome??)

I’ve been shying away from “short” distance races the past year or so.  So much focus on 13.1 & 26.2 has left my __k times outdated and the distance scary.  Running for hours upon hours?  Ok.  Running hard and flirting with the puke-threshold?  Nah, that’s alright.

But with the increase in “speed work” (term used relatively) in my recent “training” (again, relative) it’s time to give these sprinty races a shot.  Come to mama, fast legs!

In the mood to puke/PR with me?  Iron Girl has a 15% discount code (good for both 10k & 5k) : CCIGDMJH

* * * * *

Sunday 12/11 – Holiday Half presented by Run Racing

Run Racing is the same company that puts on Long Beach.  They have their shit together and I’m a fan of well-organized events.  Also, they totally suckered me with a huge discount for LB runners to sign up for this race.

You win again.  Give your marketing person a raise.

* * * * *

Saturday 4/7 – Inaugural Hollywood Half  

Another “it’s such a great deal I can’t pass it up!” fail on my part.  Schwaggle (active.com’s groupon spinoff) had a promo for this race – $35.  I’ll walk on glass in nothing but a leotard for $35.

Unfortunately Heather ran a 10k put on by the same organizers and had a shit-full experience, so maybe I will end up running on glass after all.  Only time will tell.

* * * * *

Friday & Saturday 4/20-21 – Ragnar Relay : SoCal


You’ve heard all about it by now.  We put together two teams and I’ll be with the other crazy assholes on the 6-man ultra team.  At least I had the brains to call dibs on the 2nd shortest legs.

But yeah, that’s that.  I’ve got a 15 miler in the AM so I guess I better go sleep off these beers.  Oh and that random shot the bartender made for us because it was slow and he was “bored”.  Sweet dude.  Real helpful.

OUaL Training Plan… not for the faint of heart liver I guess.

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Voids Filled & The Next 8 Months

  1. Del Mar! I thought you would be in Vegas? We will have to get brunch of something afterwards since there are now 3 of us doing the 5K or 10K. If you’re up for it. I was too cheap to do the 10K, so I went with the 5K.

    No Mission Inn? It’s not that hilly – the elevation gain is like 400 feet or something (zero total since it’s a loop). $45. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


  2. I just noticed the leg assignments – dude, Old Town will be fun – those two legs are gradual downhill awesomeness. I would not want to repeat but part of me wishes I was doing Old Town again. Only at 1-2am though.

    The only leg that will not be fun is the first one. It’ll just be boring (unless it’s hot, then it’ll be boring and freaking hot). Even the last leg of yours is nice with the run through Encinitas and Solana Beach by the beach (except for the end when you have to climb up the El Camino Real hill – that part is tough).

    Alright, all good talking material for tomorrow.


  3. shoorrtttt legs unite girl!!!

    Dude that 10k may be the perfect time for me to be a pacer :). hahaha.

    Is there a discount I can get for the holiday half too? That sounds so fun…I’m really tempted.

    I am so sad I won’t be here to cheer you on when you kick butt in long beach!! I’m so excited for you :)


  4. You’re one tough cookie. I’m running my first 5k in two weeks and am stressing, so I’m cutting out booze (5k is a pretty big deal considering I could hardly run 100m without heaving a little while ago HAHA). As soon as I hit that finish line, I’m heading straight to the bar!


  5. Looks like a great lineup!

    On a bitter note — I hope you keep all your Ohio runners in mind when we are FREEZING and you are off running these sunshine state races. High of 51 today, frickin’ torrential rain and winds. UGH.


  6. I’m officially sold on the Holiday half and the Hollywood half. And I think you should probably run all future races in a glittery skirt-y thing. Those rule. You guys should wear those for Ragnar!


  7. whoa…you’re a busy girl these days. So many events to look forward to.

    I have my eyes on Disney’s Inaugural Tinkerbell half marathon in Jan 2012 and I’m 99% doing it. Just need some confirmation before it becomes 100%.

    I look forward to reading about all your fun shenanigans….fun stuff.

    Hope newlywed life is treating you well.



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