Long Run Sabotage

After my 21 miler two weeks ago I said that the “ease” of my training was making me nervous, and then (semi-jokingly) said I was going to sabotage my final LR to make sure I got it “out of my system”.

Well it wasn’t totally intentional, buuut…


It was rough.  I took quite a few walk breaks and even stopped for a few minutes to watch a sand football game.  Never short on entertainment on the beach path…

I told B that I was glad to have such a mentally & physically hard run – it was a reminder that the marathon is NOT going to be a cake walk, and I’m going to have to push myself if I want to meet my sub4 goal.

Challenge, accepted.

Attitude, checked.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That afternoon we got together for our first Ragnar get together down in Carlsbad.  Almost half of our teammates were there, and it was nice to finally meet some of them IRL (in real life).

It felt very fitting to unveil our team name – So Much Cooler Online – stranger danger be damned.


Hahaha, everyone thought Nicole got the best picture of Chacha.  Nope!  I win!

We spent nearly 3.5 hours eating pizza, drinking beer, laughing, and getting to a comfort level where peeing in bushes and sharing blankets in a molester 12-passenger van won’t be weird.

… is there a comfort level like that?

At least we’ve mastered the kindergarten shortest-to-tallest photo lineup :


Chacha, Heather, Margot, Nicole, Ashley, SkinnyRunner, me

Which was when I realized I am the ogre giant monster of the Ragnar team.  Little teeny Ashley had giant ass heels on, and was not wearing a sumo suit under my outfit.  Believe it or not.


I cannot confirm whether or not I ate all the pizza, though.

Anyways it’s full on taper mode this week.  I’m hopping over to Colorado for a quick business trip, and will be back just in time to pick up Sweaty Emily for our weekend full of Long Beach debauchery racing!


Catch ya from the Rockies.

“that John Denver’s full of shit.”

Lloyd Christmas Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Long Run Sabotage

  1. You are the giant and I am the hobbit. I still want to understand your equation of leg-length gait-circle making it harder for you to run.

    At least I took one decent group shot. Thank you for posting it!

    Is Emily going to pace you or is that still undecided?


  2. If it makes you feel better, I believe all running bloggers are way short, so maybe you won’t tower over me QUITE as much as the California shorties.

    DEBAUCHERY here I come!


  3. YOU FREAKING WIN! That pic rocks. Chacha is so blue steel, it’s ridiculous.

    I am jealous of your height. I would go on one of those stretching contraptions if they actually worked. You are so lucky to be tall!

    Yaaaay for getting crappy run out of the way. Put yo game face on- it’s time to break 4!


  4. Wow, I’m totally laughing out loud right now. I always wonder if people are actually laughing when they type LOL and I can assure you right now, I’m actually LOLing.
    And I’m sure you’ll kicks ass in LB. Your ogre legs are very, very long. :)


  5. You are coming to CO during our first real “cold” weather this fall! The news is saying 25 mph winds tonight and then cold the rest of the week/weekend. Which I guess is kind of good – all the upper 80s and low 90s we’ve had lately have been strange!


  6. So…stumbled upon you through Sweaty Emily, then saw you’re from the OH (CLE, wut wut), and THEN saw you quoted Paula (Eat:Watch:Run) a couple posts ago.

    Hi, I’m Kirsten. You don’t know it, but we’re already friends. (:

    Good luck this weekend! Sub 4! DO IT.



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