Right. So It’s Here.

Sooooo there’s this in <2 days :

I’m picking up a complete stranger who will be crashing our guest room and making this weekend all sorts of awesome :

She put our stranger-danger-internet-friends story into perspective here.

Brian says he’s not weird about it, but he conveniently found a concert to busy himself with tonight.  If I don’t show up race morning send a squad to my house and put a warrant out for Sweaty Felony Emily :

If you feel so incline or are really bored Sunday morning/afternoon, you can track my SUB4ORDIE progress at LiveResults.  Lucky bib#580.

In more excessively awesome fan-ness, if you’re at Long Beach look for me in my PR Pants :

… and some yet-to-be-determined tank top – hopefully equipped with built-in air conditioning since this is what bitch Mother Nature has us working with on race day :

Luckily the weather people in SoCal are (somehow) tragically inaccurate so maybe there’s hope I won’t melt to the pavement and crumble to a disastrous mess of the wrong side of SUB4ORDIE.

If they are right, you’ll forever and ever get to hear my whiney poor-me debate about whether running in a monsoon or a scorching heat wave (go ahead and laugh, all you normal states with REAL summer) is worse.

See ya on the other side.  Whether that’s a grave (Em/PR/weather-induced) or a finish line, we’ll have to wait to find out.

(Dramatization, OVER.)

Sarah OUaL


22 thoughts on “Right. So It’s Here.

  1. I will definitely be stalking your bib, along with everyone else’s. I might even have to stalk on my phone during my long run (since I gotta spread the namaste love tomorrow at the Y).

    The good thing about Long Beach is that it’s pretty much on the water (well, at least the half), so, even if it’s hot, it probably still won’t hit 79.


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