So I Guess I Die Now

You may have heard already. 

Maybe you were there.  Or read my profanity-laced tweets.  Or maybe you were one of the awesome people refreshing LiveResults this AM hoping to see my SUB4ORDIE goal I’ve been talking about incessantly finally come to life.

I’m really sorry I let you down.

This is what you get for putting your race goals out on blast for all of internet-land to buy into – The pressure of bringing them to fruition, and the suckiness when they don’t.

I’ll have a proper recap soon(ish).  For now, I’ll leave you with the promise that I WILL get my su4-hour marathon. 



Long Beach Marathon, October 9  :  4:10.08


44 thoughts on “So I Guess I Die Now

  1. You’ll get it next time! I think it’s awesome/super jealous that you ran a full marathon. And with such a quick training plan too!! I wish I was able to do what you just did.


  2. You didn’t disappoint anyone! You are too hard on yourself. I know it’s frustrating but you have your WHOLE life to keep running and setting new PR’s. At least you looked hot gettin’ that 4:10 ;-)


  3. Girl, you did better than I can ever hope to do in a marathon so you totally rocked it to me. I may have been stalking your results all morning. I swear it was all exciting like watching a game or something. :-)


  4. It takes very talented people just to cross the finish line in a marathon no matte what time you post, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t let any negative comments cloud your future plans because knowing you it will only add fuel to your burner. We are so proud of you.


  5. That four hour mark is a tough one to break. Seriously. Once you do though, you will only get faster. I have seen it time and time again. Take a break and then keep working at it. Great job.


  6. WHAAAAAT?! dang girl, you are CRAY-CRAY. 4:10. you killed it. Sub4 next time. NBD.
    clearly, you just bought the wrong PR pants…. can this be a training run for another full in the future?


  7. Lady-4:10 is AMAZING! No let downs ANYWHERE! Keep that gorgeous chin up of yours…you WILL beat your record and we’ll all be here to throw some mad props your way when you do- BUT this was an amazing time and you should celebrate that! Go have some celebratory mallows and pat yourself on the back. All I did this weekend was crossfit and hold a massive glass of pineapple/mango rum punch. So- YOU KICKED SOME ASS! :)


  8. I agree, 4:10 is an amazing time! Even though it isn’t what you wanted, you still worked hard and no one would be disappointed in you. The fact that you still want to do another marathon and reach your sub-4 hour goal is another reason that there is no disappointment. You will reach that goal someday!


  9. Try not to be hard on yourself (easier said than done) and put it into perspective. You didn’t crap your fancy plaid nike pants, right? That is an accomplishment, right there. You will get your sub-4!!!


  10. No you must live, else how will you redeem yourself? 4:10 is nothing to sneeze at. You are right though, putting your goals in the public’s view adds a tremendous amount of pressure. Sometimes that pressure is good and sometimes not so much. This is going to amount to a hill of beans to you but I am proud of you. I saw you tweeting all your long runs and actually going out there and conquering them. That to me is dedication. You did all that while getting married, going on a honeymoon and moving. Honestly you should be proud!


  11. This race is only one of many that you will run. Use it as motivation and learn from it to reach your goal!!! Remember why you run and take some of the pressure off yourself. Enjoy it and be proud-4:10 is an amazing time!!!


  12. Hey! Pick yourself up and don’t worry, lets try to go sub 4 together soon :) You still finished another race and that’s a feat in itself, especially when it was hot out! I hope you had a good experience besides your time. XOXO and the soda was AMAZING


  13. LOVE how you put your goals out there. That takes some MAYJAH balls.

    Congrats on your marathon! Can’t forget that finishing a marathon is a huge accomplishment in itself.

    I have my first marathon coming up in a month, I’m starting to get little pangs of nervousness here and there…so props to you for having done multiple!


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