Leftover Notes from Race Weekend

A few random pieces of noteworthy junk that are leftover after my profane verbal-vomit from last weekend’s events :

  • Run Racing

I need to give credit where it’s due.  Despite my miserable personal performance, this was a wonderful race.  Everything from packet pick up, course support, to the race swag was perfection.  All ill-thoughts towards Long Beach stem only from my poor planning, mental game, and execution.



  • Live Track

If you were tracking me race day – thanks!  Really, you’re awesome.

I’m sorry for unintentionally giving you shit-pace anxiety, and please don’t think I’m the worst runner in the history of the world.  Live Track showed something dumb like 8:20 pace at 10K, then 10:40 something, then 8:__ again, and high 10 again.  Untrue.  The mats must have been marked wrong or something – here are my ACTUAL splits :


How’s that for some nasty positive splits?  I promise not to attempt to “bank time” ever again.


  • Recovery

Everyone knows it’s important to treat your body nicely after a hard workout like running dragging ass through 26.2 miles.

Around these parts mimosas > protein shakes, and ocean soaks > ice baths.

recoverysuccess Two out of two sweaty PR Failures agree!


  • Old Standby (iPod Shuffle)

No, not an old fling you call when you’re in a dry spell.  Something about getting hitched rules that and most all other fun&scandalous escapades out.  Bummer.

I’m talking about my 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle, circa 2008.  Bad boy still works like a champ despite years of abuse and probably a thousand of hours of use.  HELLO it survived the Monsoon Marathon (yes I left it on the whole time) and is still in perfect working order.

… I’ll probably lose it next week after saying that.


The Phillips ear buds are from Target – $5-10 if you catch them on sale.


  • Redemption

I’ll get my Sub4, someday.  You know me better than to think I’d break up with the marathon on that note, don’t you?

Until then, I’ve got a few races coming up to distract me.  Like the Chapman 5K with Team Sparkle this weekend.  Oh yes, I’m going all obnoxiously sparkly/colorful on you.

I’ve still got a bit of quad soreness, so this will probably be a “I look too cute to be running hard” kind of race.  Fine with me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Operation Jack/Richard Leary 6-hour Challenge on October 30th.  This is an “ultra” race on a one-mile loop where you just run however many laps you feel like during the 6-hour time limit.  So if I want to sprint a mile and nap in the grass the rest of the time, that’s cool. 

We’ll see how it goes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Athleta/Iron Girl 10K!  Come run this one with me!  I’m actually pretty excited to tackle the 10K distance – it’s been almost a year since I last raced it, and I’ve never had a good performance.  Sounds like a small taste of redemption itself ;)

(Use promo code CCIGDMJH for 15% off)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We’ve got visitors galore this weekend – as in I may have accidentally triple-booked our spare room and had to go get an air mattress from Target…  Hehe, woops.

Lots of fun&excitement&people&beer… and one bathroom.  Happy Weekend :)

Sarah OUaL


19 thoughts on “Leftover Notes from Race Weekend

  1. Funniest thing I’ve seen today – “They all told me not to and I tried anyway.” Funniest thing I heard today was me IMing my coworker in the next cubicle, telling her I think I have the plague, and she snorted with laughter. Happiness all around. Except for the plague thing.


  2. That shirt is really cute! Way better than last year. Last year’s was OK, it fits well but it’s a bit masculine. Seems like their cleaned up their act this year. Maybe I have to take back my “I will never run this race again” statement. The medal looks a lot like last year’s, with the addition of the palm tree.

    Cute skirt! Is it comfortable to run in?


  3. I love your blog Sarah! And you have a pretty cool name too :). I thought I would try to make you feel better re: blowing a PR after telling everyone. I just ran Atlantic City marathon in wind gusts of 30mph that made the entire race feel like a wind tunnel – much of it was on a boardwalk ocean front so sand was blowing in our face and water was blowing out of the water cups. It sucked. I hung onto my goal pace until 17 and then I just crashed, I couldn’t fight the wind any more. It kicked my ass :( I know how you feel – frustrated, upset, annoyed, pissed off beyond belief, etc. I’m already planning my redemption – while consuming mass amounts of beer with bags of frozen broccoli on my hips. BOOO :(


  4. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of when Long Beach kicked my @$$. I was trying to BQ. I told everyone I knew about the race and my goal- family, friends, strangers at the grocery store. Seriously, everyone knew. Annnd, I didn’t. OMG I was devastated. I cried the rest of the day. And sulked. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it. I’d found the downside to being so outspoken… Now everyone would wanna know how it went, and I’d have to admit I failed over and over and over again whenever someone else asked how it went.

    But, I learned that no one really cares about it as much as you. Nonrunners don’t understand the diff between 3 or 4 or 5 hours, let alone 10 minutes. And runners are sympathetic to crappy racing conditions, GI issues, etc. The craziest thing about the marathon is how much training it requires, and then, how much is out of our control come race day. It really can be a total crapshoot and its totally not fair.

    I hope you’re feeling better. I love reading your blog and I could identify with your story. You’ll break 4 hours!!!


  5. Those race shirts are really cute! The ultra race souds cool. We have one like that here (you know home, in Cleveland). it’s a .9 mile loop but you have 24 hours. I think I would shoot myself to run that long on the same loop



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