Chapman 5K with Team Sparkle

5kteam from Team Sparkle’s Facebook page

a.k.a The Time I PR’d the SHIT out of a 2 year-old previous best.

(woops. SPOILER.)

On Saturday I woke up ready to either casually jog 3.1 miles in a cute outfit, or angry-sprint for 20-some minutes to finally release my SUB4FAIL frustration.

After almost a full week of rest, my legs were fresh and my head was ready for redemption.


I called this my cheerleader race – where sparkles and color and eye liner and rainbows replaced my usual un-fun raceness.

In addition to my Sparkle Skirt I wore a OneLove headband that Emily talked me into at the The Race That Shall Not Be Named Expo.  Her Hood To Coast team wore and raved about them, so I jumped on the bandwagon. 

However I chose not to wear it the proper way and ended up yanking it off during the race.  Maybe one of these days I’ll stop being such a stubborn asshole?

5kright from According To Kelly & Sweat Once A Day

5kwrong poor headband execution & ugly face from OUaL, photo from Faster Bunny

That’s Brian’s friend that was staying with us for the weekend.  She was already awake (naughty east coast time change) and decided to tag along for the race.  And then ran a 20:05 and placed 3rd in our division.  Show off.

Anyways I took off like a banshee out of hell, just like I feared I would, but somehow managed to hold on to that fast-for-me pace for the whole race.  I just kept telling myself,

Remember how disappointed you were with yourself after Long Beach?  How you hated that you gave up so easily?  DON’T BE THAT GIRL AGAIN.  Don’t give up.  Hold onto this pace.  You can do it.

5k from Team Sparkle’s Facebook page

Margot was there spectating and I saw her with about a mile to go.  She gave a little cheerleader-cheer, and then a kick-your-ass coach-cheer :


So I did.  And shattered a PR from my pre-Marathon days by almost two full minutes.

Thanks, coach ;)

Chapman 5k, 10.15.11 – 22:13 (*new PR!)

5ksparkleragnarstolen from Heather 

There was a big turnout for Team Sparkle, including two of my Ragnar teammates – Heather & Madison.  Heather’s three girls (including Gabby!) also ran and repped the sparkles.

And then I came home and Sparkle’d Frankie.  Gender confusion, what?


Conclusion?  Running fast is fun.  Mama needs some more sprint races on the calendar, and is super pumped for Iron Girl 10K.

Sarah OUaL

* I hope I don’t need to say this, but just in case : I’m not being paid/compensated to pimp talk about any of the products on OUaL.  I’m not that cool.  Take comfort knowing these are my un-biased opinions.


44 thoughts on “Chapman 5K with Team Sparkle

  1. Angry sprint is where it’s at!! Way to do speed work! Umm, and Brian’s friend who just decided to run and placed, wth? I’m obviously not cut out for this running stuff.


  2. You look adorable (and I’m guessing you hate that word) holding up the green sparkle skirt. As someone who is old enough to be your mother (well, your mother if I got knocked up in high school) I can use the word “adorable” for you. Thanks for the running inspiration. I have been getting sore after 5km runs (sigh) lately, but last time I went out, I ran past my neighbour who was in her (rest-of-her-life) wheelchair, and I got my perspective knocked into place pretty fast. Love your blog. Keep up the laughs.


  3. 22:13, are you shittin’ me!!?! I hate short distances because I want to crush them but have no faith that my endurance loving lungs can gut our 3 or 6 miles! And just to be a total running geek, are those Defyance on your feet?


  4. Congrats on the awesome time!! You sound just like me, sometimes I’ll go to run a race “just for fun” and then my inner competitor comes out and I have to try my best. Some may call it stubborn, I call it dedication ;)


  5. Frankie looks like he’s actually cool with the green skirt. Just walkin’ over to the water. In a skirt. No biggie.

    I think it is most definitely time to shatter your 10K PR now.


  6. “WAY 2 GO!!!” :)

    and…just ONE WEEK after the marathon!!

    you’re def. going to increase your speed by incorporating the shorter races! can’t wait to hear about your 10k!! “BRING IT…!!”


  7. Great PR! Gotta love the 5k- feel great the first mile, the second mile you keep asking yourself why you paid for the privilege of feeling this way, and the third mile when all you can think about is hauling yourself over the finish line!


  8. I wanted to run this race but was out of town celebrating my friend’s mom’s birthday. Glad you had fun and smashed a PR! :) You are coming back strong my friend! xoxo


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