2,000+ Miles Away Should Feel Further Than This





Here’s the thing about moving really far from home :

  • If your new residence eliminates any and all derivitives of the word “snow” from your vocabulary, people will visit when it gets cold back home.
  • If your new residence is mere paces from the gorgeous sandy shores of the Pacific in a fun little beach town full of things to do, great food, and plentiful drinks… people will visit anytime.  All the time.  Every chance they get.

And your life will be sufficiently more awesome.

And warm year-round.

But mostly just really f’ing awesome.

Enjoying my last few days with Mini Twin and her loverboy tagalong boyfriend.

Sarah OUaL

14 thoughts on “2,000+ Miles Away Should Feel Further Than This

  1. Aw Isn’t it nice to have a little piece of home come visit you? That always makes me so happy cuz it especially means they haven’t forgotten about me being so far away (even if they’re only coming out for the weather and beach… can’t say I blame ’em, that’s what I did!). Have fun w/ your sis!


  2. I am definitely jealous of your weather and beautiful beaches! So true about having people visit you when you live in nice, warm areas. I am guilty of doing it!


  3. I was all in… until you put the BOOOOO arrow to the Steelers fan ;) { GO STEELERS } Don’t hate me… and I say this because enough Ravens/Browns/Bengal/yada yada yada fans already to ;) hehe

    For the record.. LOVE your scarf!!! Even if it’s ORANGE, I still love it!!! ox


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