OLD & LAME (me & my phone)


The little ones have been safely deposited at their homes on the other side of the country.  My liver filed a 10-state-wide restraining order, and I obliged it for the second time in my life by tossing them out the car window at LAX and speeding away.

Right well I MAY have been in the middle of a mini-meltdown, thanks to Chatty-Freaking-Cathy that wanted to gab instead of just giving me my damn coffee on the way to the airport…



Jager and inferred incest aside, it was a really great week spent with the gene pool.  She vows next time she’s only getting a one-way flight, to which I say HECK YES I’ll finally have that live-in housekeeper I need to become a TRUE Orange County resident.

(Mel you’ll need to learn how to cook, clean, and keep the dogs alive first)

Oh and to clear up some confusion my super ambiguous post from Friday caused with some new readers (btw, HIIII! sorry I’m a horribly rude and uninviting hostess) : We’ve been in SoCal for a year and a half now, but just recently moved to our home now near the beach.  Life is indeed pretty drool-worthy and I apologize for rubbing it in your face.

It probably won’t be the last time.


And in even better news, my iPhone is being delivered today.  My godforsakenihateyou Blackberry has a date with the ocean as soon as I get off work.


Sarah OUaL

13 thoughts on “OLD & LAME (me & my phone)

  1. 1) your jager face may or may not have caused my paleo-diet tea to come outta my nose (which incidentally, tasted better than when it was ingested the proper way) so thank you for that :)

    2) there’s no way in no-mallows-allowed hell that you could be a momma with a face like yours. well, maybe to a mini-mini babe. you’re waaay too hot. ’tis true. that mcdonalds chick clearly hadn’t put her contacts in properly that morning. it’s okay…it happens to the best of us. come to texas though…everyone will card you for porn and call you ‘youngen and it’ll make you feel grand. works like a charm for me everyyyyy time….
    oh wait…



  2. If you are old, then I am a rickety grandma.

    Hope you are enjoying your new iPhone – a wee bit jealous, but like RnR I kind of have that same “stick-it-to-the-man” with iPhone. The need to be contrary to everyone else. However, if someone said I could get an iPhone for $44, I’d be all over it.

    In the end, my need for a good deal always wins out (thus why I could never truly boycott Walmart even out of principle).


  3. Will you please throw both of my blackberrys into the ocean with yours?! Did I say both? YES- I have my own and one for work. I know, I am super lucky. UGH HATE IT.

    Want IPhone.

    You are not allowed to go back to Ohio. Wait, you can go to visit but that’s it.



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