You Can’t Make Me.

Recent items surfacing fromThe List of Things I Hate/Avoid-At-All-Cost :



  • Folding laundry   (exhibit A: Monday’s laundromat basket I brought  home and have been picking articles out of rather than actually folding/hanging/putting it away)


  • Singing/dancing in front of people   (I know how badly I’d make fun of me if I weren’t me)


  • The Dentist   (for the record no cavities and if you need a rec in OC email me because this guy’s the jam)




  • Running with people / (being social period)

I think I’ve finally made a turn away from the dark/lonesome side of running.  A shake out run with Emily here, letting B tag along on a tempo there (I made him stay 2 paces behind so I wouldn’t know he was there), and before you know it SR and I are gallivanting down the beach path for a lovely pre-dawn run where I didn’t want to gauge my eyes out due to the inability to talk/breathe at the same time.



Time to tackle that pile of (extremely wrinkled) laundry, I guess.

* * * updated : tackled a bottle of chardonnay instead.  Clothes’ll still be there tomorrow.

Sarah OUaL


22 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Me.

  1. Nice photo of you + SR :-p
    I’d go for the wine too. A load of laundry went through the dryer last night but i didn’t want to fold it before bed so I left it down in the basement. Tonight I remembered said laundry, turned on the dryer for the “air” fluff mode to de-wrinkle. It still sits down there. Guess I should really go get it before bed.

    I just don’t paint my fingernails because it chips so quickly then bugs me and I want to take it all off. Or if I’m doing it myself I feel like I can’t paint my right hand as well as my left — basically I’m just anal about it looking right.


  2. Girl, what you need is a dresser with deep drawers. Running clothes don’t wrinkle. Don’t bother folding them – just throw them in, close the drawer, and no one will ever know!
    (I hang all wrinkle-prone items.)

    Life is too short to waste time folding laundry!


  3. I never comment, but I see everyone else relates to the laundry too :) My husband and I bought a house with 3 bedrooms. We don’t have kids, or the furniture for a guest room, so I just dump all the laundry in there after I do it and make my husband rummage through it for underwear. Domestic Goddess, yes I think so.


  4. Every day Ryan looks inquisitively at the growing mountain of laundry that needs to be washed. Since I’m at home most of the time-I think he assumes it’s solely my chore now. He gives me a raised eyebrow, but knows better than to say a word. I have better shit to do than laundry…like comment on your blog! :) Once I wash it all—the mountain just becomes a pile of wrinkly clean clothes that sits in our room until we’re completely out of clothes. I hate laundry.

    Good call on the chardonnay.


  5. Haha. I did that all weekend, avoided cleaning for wine, socializing, watching movies, until today when I was faced with the fact I needed to write a presentation. Then, all of a sudden, cleaning was the most appealing thing in the world…so I spent all day doing that. FAIL.


  6. My husband told me the other day that if he wanted to rummage through a laundry basket for clean clothes, he wouldn’t have gotten married. I responded by wadding all his clothes up and putting them in his drawers. I “put away the laundry”


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