Run Friends <3

To chronicle another successful Social Run this morning…

SkinnyRunner & Margot are way faster than me but I think they get charity hours for running with me, so I just huff/puff and pretend I don’t see them doing cartwheels and playing leapfrog behind me.

But Margot fits my <5′ requirement & Sarah knows Kara…

… so I guess I’ll keep them.  Plus it’s better than counting the steps until I’m finished/calculating caloric burn into froyo ounces like I do when I run alone.

OK FINE I paid them.  Whatever.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In other less-losery news, if you’re in SoCal and plan on being bored Sunday you should come to Del Mar for the Iron Girl 5/10K.  A lot of awesome will be there and the rest of us are going to brunch afterwards at Naked Cafe.

So whether you’re awesome and want to run, or want to be awesomer and throw back some mimosas with us let me know.

Code CCIGDMJH will get you 15% off registration!

I’m gonna try it at Naked to see if it’ll get me 15% more Coconut French Toast.

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Run Friends <3

  1. The coconut french toast is AMAZING, just sayin’. I can’t wait to run with you guys after and be sucking air/inhaling shotbloks while you guys prance away with your long legs. Unfair I say! Can’t wait!


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