Iron Girl/Athleta Del Mar 10K

The Iron Girl/Athleta Del Mar 10K was a freaking good time this morning.

(Man, I’m on a hot streak with race selection lately…)

Del Mar is about 80 minutes away, so I had butt-crack-of-dawn date with my steering wheel.  Since I’ve permanently burned Emily & my disastrous Long Beach morning into the very front of my runner brain, I left a tidbit earlier than necessary.



Jammin, coffee’in, Siri-hosted convos with East Coasters I hadn’t beat out of bed… everything was going swell.

Until about 40 minutes in…


I considered turning around and scrapping the whole race – race without a constant stream of pace, splits, and number anxiety?!!!  How did our great-great ancestors ever do it?

(or, how did I up until a year and a half ago)

By the time I worked up the guts to turn around or drive off a cliff, I was exiting the 5 at Del Mar Race Track.

Ok fine, I’ll run.  Since I’m already here and all…


I was obnoxiously early so parking, packet pick up, and toilets were a breeze. 

Ran back to my car to hide from the cold (laugh it up, Ohio) until around 7:20 when I finally pushed my way up to the front of the 10K start.

Look who I found!  Superwoman!


Seriously – Nicole is stupid fast, has a crazy job, and a ridic 6-pack after popping out two of the cutest & most well-behaved children ever.  I want to grow up to be just like her.

Or just be her right now.  Either or.

For the first mile Ms. Garmin-less relied on a woman behind me yelling out paces to the three 10 year-olds running in front of me.  I vowed that NO MATTER what else happened, I would not be beaten by a gaggle of pre-pubescent girls.

(I wonder if the Softcup in the race bag caused any awkward mommy/daughter talks…)

((I know it did with Brian))

They (and their pace announcer) fizzled out shortly after, and I was back on my own.  I ran based on feel – because what else could I do?  I’m a rookie 10k’er (one last year, one the year before)  so I just stayed in an uncomfortable-yet-sustainable pace and tried not to let many people pass me.


Ashley’s boyfriend, P, snapped this – he said going rate on Brightroom is $120/photo but he’d give me a deal for $118.  I jacked it from Ashley’s post and picnik’d it past recognition instead.

Better put a watermark on it next time, P.

In an impressive showing of my own in-race photography (that I probably won’t be charging for), I captured these stunningly blurry shots of my Ragnar friends :


(Heather, I’d suggest working on that form a little – your elbow bending backwards like that can’t be good for your stride length or wind-resistance…)

We finally made the turn back into the racetrack (we didn’t run on the ACTUAL track, thank Jeeb) – I felt I did a good job holding pace and pushing myself the whole time, but again Ms Garmin-Dependent was totally lost.  I probably positive split and took horrible tangents.  The world will never know!

Once I got about .004 miles from the race clock and could actually read it (mental note : schedule optometrist appt) I realized I was going to PR by about 25 seconds.

Booyah, Garmin.


Impressive showings by everyone of Ragnar Team So Much Cooler Online – Nicole was 14/721 overall (10k), Chacha & Heather both PR’d the 5K, and Ashley fell madly in love with 6.2 after breaking her 10K virginity this morning.

I know, I told her not to be so easy but you know those San Diego girls…


Nicole, Chacha, Heather, Tall Girl, Ashley

Iron Girl/Athleta 10K, 11.6.11 : 48:06  NEW PR


If you’re keeping score at home, that caps off a quad-fecta (?) of new PRs on the year :

Marathon – LA (March)

Half * – Fontana (June)

10K – Iron Girl Del Mar (Nov)

5K – Chapman (Oct)

I don’t know WHAT has gotten into these little legs of mine – haha ok I couldn’t resist throwing a MONSTERGIRL jab in there.


post-race brunch at Naked Cafe

Seriously, Chacha, Ashley, and Linzay are the 3 smallest people on the face of the Earth.  I’m starting to think this is all a big joke – like, “hahahaha look at that huge girl and all her tiny friends! What a giant!”

Real funny.

Sarah OUaL


29 thoughts on “Iron Girl/Athleta Del Mar 10K

  1. Congrats on your PR superfecta! My dad took me and my bro to the horse track alot growing up so I have learned many gambling terms. Not much else to do in southern Ohio! Love your blog but that’s probably because I’m short :]


  2. I love that even crouching, and me on my tippy toes, I still managed to be shorter. It didn’t even occur to me how funny we must have looked running at the 6-hour challenge until I saw Ashley’s BF’s pics he took of our extra miles run.

    Yeah, the softcup is creepy (think Heather would probably agree). The instructions on how to use and remove it increase the creepy factor by at least 2.


  3. I hope that I would run a race without my Garmin. Hope, not absolute. I know that my first 10K my iPod died before I started. And no – I didn’t find the thrill in running without music. I need music – my poor brain can’t deeeeallll without it.

    Wait – this is meant to be about your post. Awesome PR! Looks like all of you had a really good time. And I want your height sooo badly.


  4. the first year they held this race, the beginning and end of the race were both ON THE TRACK!

    (it’s like running through the soft sand at the beach, but worse. WAY WORSE. i thought i was going to break an ankle.) the 2008 iron girl del mar is officially my worst 10k ever, and i’ve never gone back to run it again. (but i’m not bitter! ok… maybe i am bitter…)

    glad to hear they smartened up and moved the race course off the track! :-)
    congrats on the PR!


  5. I forget my garmin all the time. Sometimes I just pretend leave and walk out to my car because then I realize that I left it. I should probably just make a race day list from now on.

    Congrats on the PR! You rocked it without the help of a garmin.

    And send your short friends to Cleveland, I am tired of being the little one


  6. When I saw that softcup package I had no idea what it was. My first guess was pasties. I don’t know? Maybe people like them for under tanks? Then I read the instructions and gagged a little. Super creep.

    You kicked 10k a$$ yesterday. Seriously, you looked strong!! congrats on your PR! Superwoman I am NOT. But thanks :)


  7. Awesome job getting it done without the Garmin! I never race with a Garmin, so I guess it doesn’t really cause me anxiety. It’s mostly because I am nice and let my husband wear our only Garmin! So hopefully someone will buy me one of my own so that I can wear it during races. I know that once that happens, though, that I won’t be able to function without it.


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  9. Great job PR’ing, and without the Garmin to boot! Very impressive! Love the pictures, I’d be stressed without mine too, I have no idea how to pace myself (I’m dumb like that though).


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  11. I fly back to MN to run a race last weekend…and forgot my stupid Garmin at home. I freaked out but opted against taking my sports watch {I’m horrible at mental math, the entire race would feel like an 8th grade math test!}. I ended up with a completely awesome race that I ran just on feel. I might forget my Garmin more often!

    Congrats on a solid race! :)


  12. Im pretty jealous. but nevertheless, congrats on the PR! and the 4-peat PR.
    just dont make this not wearing a garmin thing a habit, sounds scary and dangerous to me and im not sure its a path you want to go down…


  13. I forgot my Garmin for my 10k this weekend too! But, I was only about 15 minutes from home when I realized it and went back…not sure why I’m so dependent on it, but I feel like it helped! Great race!


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