Yes, Today Is An OUaL Holiday.

Forget what your calendars say… today is actually

Ugly Race Photos Day!

I’ve been slammed at work and generally too tired/lazy (still have a hard time distinguishing between the two) to write, so here’s a cop out post and a wish for a lovely weekend instead.

If nothing else, let’s just call it proof that I indeed PR’d Iron Girl Del Mar garmin-free.

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “Yes, Today Is An OUaL Holiday.

  1. Seriously, had horrible pics from MCM. There was one with the monuments in the background and should have been epic, but my face looked a little like I was pooping. Actually, alot.

    Happy weekend! Congrats again on the PR.


  2. LOVE that you freak without your Garmin too!! My husband gives me hell all the time when I make him turn around because I forgot it! He tries to tell me “I can pace you…”Yah, ok!

    Glad you got a PR!!


  3. At least you can laugh at bad pictures… somehow there are NO race pics of me from the RnR Philly half!! How does that happen?? At least my timing chip verified that I was present.

    Are you wearing arm warmers? I just ordered a pair of Nike arm warmers from Running Warehouse, hope they fit.


  4. I also had crappy pics from the race – there was only one by myself, really. And my eyes were closed. The others were of the finish line with the teenager I pushed to beat me.


  5. I have an awesome picture from the Disneyland Half. They caught me mid-b*tch face because the entire course was blocked by people walking! Includes my arms at my sides with palms up, indicating “WTF!”. The one race picture I considered buying, just because of the hilarity.



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