Secret’s Out.

The last 24-ish hours :










BOOM.  Sub4.

Full recap soon.  Beers now.

Big huge super thanks to Santa Barbara International Marathon, SR for putting up with me and not snoring, the instigators that talked me into this (you know who you are), and the few who knew about it that kept their mouths shut.

(ahem, not blabber-mouth Brian)

And to all of you for reading, giving a shit, and fueling the Sub4 fire.  Love you.

Ok really, beers time.

Sarah OUaL

(Sub 4 Hour Marathoner)

81 thoughts on “Secret’s Out.

  1. Ahhh!!! You did it! So happy for you! M told me that B told him that you were planning to run this but I wasn’t sure since you had not mentioned about it online. I should have believed him. ;) Congrats girl!


  2. I am a bit boozy (and hopefully you are too!) and I am hoping there aren’t any typos in this – but I just had to say: CONGRATS!! Way to go! That’s amazing!!


  3. that’s awesome, but after reading your blog for awhile, I just realized how pretty you are. you’re BEAUTIFUL. I don’t mean that in a weird way, I just never noticed it as much before tonight. :-) speed and beauty – you’ve got it made, girl!


  4. YAY SARAH!! Congratulations! So incredibly happy for you! And damn you for keeping this a secret from the blog world. Agghhhh! I’m so excited for you!


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  6. AWESOME JOB! you worked hard for it…well deserved.

    i found this blog a few weeks ago and have been lurking. you are freaking funny. and motivational. i dig it.


  7. I love how you are so supportive of the other runners no matter the pace or goal. That’s really awesome. Great job to both of you! I’m hoping to finish my first marathon in January. It would be nice to finish under 5:00, but I will be happy just to finish.


  8. Sarah, congratulations (belated) on your Sub-4 marathon PR!

    I have been reading your old posts (LOVE all the wedding stuff) and the new stuff at the same time, and I’m finally catching up to myself. Sooo…. I think it’s hilarious you hid your blog from your fiance for so long, congrats on the wedding, honeymoon looked fab, both of your posts (last year and this year) about mom2 made me cry, I thought your OJ Grinch story was brilliant, Vegas looked redic, and if you want to do that in Boston this April, just let me know. (Be warned: You may be over the fear of internet strangers, but I’m not…yet)



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