How The Secret Marathon Was Born

Immediately after my failed SUB4ORDIE performance at the Long Beach marathon (spoiler, I bailed on the “or die” part) it was time to start planning redemption.

Some people were more adamant than others…


Emily was the mastermind behind a secret race.  The pressure of putting my goal out there for the world (err, my handful of readers) was a big part of my mental collapse at Long Beach.  Racing undercover appealed for 2 reasons :

  1. I could focus on me, my plan, my race – not what others were seeing on livetrack, Twitter wanting to know how it was going, or spectators on the course calculating my splits
  2. If I failed again I wouldn’t have to own up to it.  What shitty race?  I didn’t race this weekend – I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Once I recovered from my mimosa/Emily/LB hangover I got to work scouting a redemption race.  A lot of people suggested jumping right back in while I was still trained and in marathon shape.

SkinnyRunner talked me into Santa Barbara saying the timing was perfect and we could go up together.  I told her my plan to keep Marathon #5 a secret she pinky promised to play along (if I promised to drive.)

So training commenced.  The weekend after Long Beach was the Chapman 5K – I hit the beach path for a 7 miler with Brian’s visiting friend afterwards.


The following weekend I drug my sorry butt through a 20-miler at Back Bay.

And cursed myself the whole way.  Ugh that run was TOUGH.


The timing of the Operation Jack 6 Hour Challenge was perfect – great excuse to get a long run in!

18.5 awesome super duper miles with friends for a good cause.  Yes yes yes.


And last weekend’s Iron Girl 10K was followed up by an extra 6 miles with Chacha, Ash, and her bf. 

12.2 miles on the day.  Sounds like taper to me…


(from PrettyFittie)

When Friday came and SR and I headed up to Santa Barbara, I felt good.  Ready to run.  Ready to tackle whatever the weather (forecast said rain), the course (rollers & a big climb at 23.5), and my body (slightly untrained but healthy) threw at me. 

It was finally time to give Sub4 another shot.

race recap coming on Monday…

Sarah OUaL

32 thoughts on “How The Secret Marathon Was Born

  1. I don’t know how you kept it in. I suck at that stuff – unless it’s someone else’s secret. Then I got it but my own? Forget it. I am the worst fibber around.

    BTW, post-stalked your results and saw your *negative split*!!! “Boom.” indeed! That’s the way to do it (still need to figure out how myself, but anyway).


  2. You get it girl! Congrats! I know that for some people, telling the world of their goals encourages them to complete them, and for some, that can be enough added pressure to thwart success – it doesn’t matter which camp you lie in so long as you figure it out! Also I’m glad you didn’t go along with the ‘or die’ portion of your first Sub4ordie attempt.


  3. Funny, I was just thinking of doing a secret marathon. It’s still on my radar. We’ll see. Anyway, congrats on the PR! Make sure you work your finish time into every conversation possible for at least a month. It’s required. I’m so proud of and inspired by you! We all knew you could do it. It was just a matter of when. :-)


  4. Congrats! And I think the idea of keeping the race secret was genius…I completely understand where the random interwebz pressure comes from! And quite honestly I think that keeping it all a secret would be an even bigger motivator! :)


  5. I’m a new(ish) reader of your blog so just started reading around the time of your Sub4ordie race recap…and until you put in that lil qualifier up there, i thought it said Sub 4 Ordie (like ordeal?) or was it Sub Forty? I’m an idiot. NOW i see the “or die” part! ha ha! Oops!


  6. Ugh how dare you keep this a secret from your favorite Ohio reader!!!! I will try to wait patiently as I await the official recap….in reality I am refreshing your page and tapping my foot.


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