Newest News (of the awesomely sweaty variety)

An Inspired Hump Day Riddle :

What do you get when you reunite these two,

rnr cheer 2

Add a broken 5th metatarsal and a personal vendetta against big-box companies/races,

rnr cheer 3

Multiply by their (very effective) means of coping,

rnr cheer 4


Bust out the sparkle to bring out their (uplifting & positive) inner cheerleaders,

rnr cheer 1


And throw it all in the City of Sin?

rnr cheer


Other acceptable answers :

  • A Really Awesome I Know You’re Jealous Everyone’s Invited Good Time
  • Stop Here If Your Race Fueling Plan Includes Spiked Gatorade
  • A Miserable 4-Hour Drive Home On Monday

Who else is going to be there?  Other than all of blog-world, that is…

Sarah OUaL

48 thoughts on “Newest News (of the awesomely sweaty variety)

  1. What’s the personal vendetta against RnR about? Is it just about the giant, obnoxious medals, cover bands on the course and price tags? Or is there something else?

    BTW, not white knighting for RnR, I’d just like to know why/if I should avoid their races. The costs have kept me away thus far.


    • You hit the nail on the obnoxious, over-crowded, way expensive head. RnR puts on a good race and is extremely efficient and well-run. I just prefer running in smaller crowds, knowing my reg $ is going towards something more meaningful, and supporting smaller races. Think groceries at Walmart vs. local Farmers Market.

      Big races are a great experience and I think every runner should get the hype/excitement/energy at least once. I got mine and said peace out, that’s all :)


  2. yay! I’m running the half. Maybe ill get some redemption after long beach. Maybe. I should probably get in a long run or two if I really want that to happen. (Have I mentioned I hate half marathons? Cause I do. A lot.)


  3. A weekend with neither of us worrying about running? I have no words for the awesomeness that will ensure. NO WORDS.

    Let the countdown to internet stranger danger part II commence…NOW!


  4. Excited that you’re officially going to be in VEGAS!! Emily too!! :)

    The whole night running has got me a little scurred! You may have been the smarter one to NOT run! What was I thinking??! :)

    hugs! :)


  5. Yay party with blogger strangers!
    I will be walking/maybe running (I read drunk-walking in a comment above, that sounds perfect!) the half. It was supposed to be my first marathon but injury got in the way so drinking I will be :)

    ps: love the drawing of you two on the last picture…!!


  6. SO let me get this straigh, you are coming to cheer me on at the half marathon this Sunday in Cleveland and then you are following me to Vegas while I run the marathon. You are either my biggest fan or stalker, either way I will take it! Can’t wait to see/meet you


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