My Real Friends Will Tell You…

Want to read about my plans to start my own race, scoff at my claim that just a “taste” of froyo is enough, and how I wanted to be Nancy Kerrigan growing up?

Head over to Fitness Magazine and check out my interview for their “Fit Bloggers We Love” segment.


Just living up to our Ragnar team name : I really am So Much Cooler Online.

(that’s not keeping me from peeing my pants & bragging about it for the next 4178 days, btw)

Sarah OUaL


31 thoughts on “My Real Friends Will Tell You…

  1. SWEET! Seriously though, if you like sailing you should come down and watch the America’s Cup competition in San Diego. Alternatively, P could teach you. He grew up sailing, unlike me– I grew up as a mere peasant.


  2. I love the idea for the beer run! We actually had that at my college. The boys track team had an unofficial “beer miler”. Teammates and invited guests met on a local track, late at night once a year for the festivities, err, i mean race. Chug a beer, run a mile. Repeat. First person to puke lost.


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