Sub4 And Done?

Inevitably after a big race – be it good, bad, or supremely ugly – people are going to ask,

"So, what’s next?"

I had always said once I ran a sub-4 hour marathon I’d be done with the distance.  I’d enjoy lazy long-run-free weekends, getting back into not-just-running-shape, and putting all that (excessive) run-related $$ into savings for something grown-ups need.

Like a house.  Or retirement.  Or clothes that aren’t made of sweat-wicking fabric…

On one hand I’m tempted to go out on this high note – I ran a smart, well-executed, non-murdery RACE.OF.MY.LIFE and achieved my ultimate goal.

(I may still be riding the PR endorphin high justabit.)

Talk about SBI every chance possible.  Accessorize all outfits with my Sub4 medal.  Put 3:57.34 on my business cards.

… The side of our house. 

… Tattooed on my forehead.



On the other hand, it seems a bit wasteful to have finally figured out the marathon and then up and walk away from it.

Like, ‘It’s been real – you’ve finally stopped abusing me and I got you wrapped around my finger now, sucka… but whatever peace out I’m so over you.’


I am registered for the Operation Jack Marathon on 12/26, but we’ll see how the next few weeks go.  I have a 12-day venture in Corntown coming up, and I don’t want anything standing in the way of getting my FULL MAXIMUM POSSIBLE FILL of quality friend and family time while I’m there.

(which obvs = quality beer-time)


I’m not gonna kill myself to get workouts in.  If for no reason other than I’m sure my lungs will collapse trying to do speedwork in 40-degree fall/winter OH weather. 

And all aforementioned beer-drinking.

So If race day comes and I don’t feel prepared to run a smart and PR-worthy race I’ll back down to the half.  Easy as that.  As long as my stubborn pride doesn’t get in the way.

… ahem.  Can somebody come chaperone this packet pick up for me???

So blabber blabber blabber, I’m still not sure where I stand on the marathon.  I know my mom is pulling her hair out reading this since I promised her,

“After this one I’m done.” 

“…After Sub4 I’m done.” 

“…I swear I’m done and you don’t have to worry about double knee replacements before age 30 anymore.”

I’ve been taking my glucosamine and icing, Ma, pinky swear.


Off for a lunch time run.  Will have big, awesome, look-i’m-famous announcement up later today.  Yeah you read that right.

Sarah OUaL


21 thoughts on “Sub4 And Done?

  1. You would be proud. I had the X-mas Ale as soon as it came out. I never had it before cuz last time I lived in Ohio I didn’t drink much beer.

    Anyways… LOVE it. I just don’t like the markup. It was $6 for a draft of it here. Then I went out to Sandusky last weekend and the same size draft was $3.50. SAY WHAAA?



    • All those snobby CLE-burb bars have everyone wrapped around their dang fingers. Classic supply & demand.

      (truth : I’d pay 10x that if somewhere would black market hijack the stuff out here)


  2. I drank my first Christmas Ale last Friday!!! I am still so happy-there is one more in my fridge and I keep thinking about drinking it, but then it will be gone! Its a daily struggle to make this decision, so there it sits.


  3. I get the same thing from my mom. After my marathon, she wrote me an email that just said…can you send me a few words so I know you’re alright? She’s so worried about my knees and I keep registering for races. < —- bad daughter



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