Race Spectating – A Warm Up


After spending Saturday night proving I can still hang with my boozey OH friends and getting a teaspoon-worth of shut eye, I met Kimi at our classy rendezvous point (the Walmart parking lot) to get our runner cheer on all morning.

Kimi’s dealing with some nasty post-marathon knee issues & I was trying to play my “responsible recovery” card so we headed up to the CWRRC Fall Classic Half/5K and tried not to be bitter about not running.

Luckily 4 hours of cowbelling kept me occupied and distracted.

(And everybody else with a strong desire to punch me.)

Moja, Holly, Kristina & an Ali ‘I <3 Sweat’ sighting!

We got lucky with some awesome (not just for Ohio) weather, a kick ass field of friendly & appreciative runners to cheer for, and lots of fun with new internet-turned-IRL friends.

Heather, Kimi, Christi, Chelsea, Crazy Cowbell Lady

I’ve got my race cheerleader act all fine-tuned and ready for y’all in Vegas.  I’ll be working on my toe-touches, cartwheels, and choreographed dance moves to make sure you really get my best.

Sweaty Emily, you better step up your game.  We’re throwing down on the Strip in 2 weeks and counting.

Sarah OUaL


16 thoughts on “Race Spectating – A Warm Up

  1. I like to think that you came all the way to Ohio just to cheer me on. :)

    Thanks for the cheers! Sad I missed the bonding of being in the cheer group – but you know, SOMEBODY had to run the race. Hehe.


  2. Glad you made it to Ohio with all your luggage! Your blog is an abundance of creativity and fun. If you ever want to do a review/giveaway/sell some OUaL gear (tech shirts, decals, headsweats hats/visors, iphone covers etc…) or if you want to make a custom shirt supporting friends and family, give us a shout @ http://www.familyfanclub.net @familyfanclub


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