Sarah Just Plain Tall

BFFs Shea & Lauren (& the tall girl)

For the record :

I’m just shy of 5’9″

I enjoy wearing heels, despite this

I love seeing the top of the fridge and reaching the best stuff in the back of the pantry

I’d rather go on the impossible 36″ Inseam Search than spend all my $$ getting pants hemmed

I’m thankful I don’t have to look up to men at business events

I’ll never lose friends in a bar, and am always the first to say “OMG look who’s here

I cannot confirm nor deny whether I agreed to marry Brian primarily based on the fact I wouldn’t be sworn to flats the rest of my life …

Sarah OUaL

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(inferred sources : AM running friendsIronGirl brunchOJ Beast ModeCarlsbad with Ragnar, etc etc etc ad nauseum.)

32 thoughts on “Sarah Just Plain Tall

    • Gah! I know it! Well, I am that short (5’0″) but I can’t find a single pair of petite/short size pants that don’t need to be hemmed. Ok, I lie – I have ONE pair from Old Navy.


  1. Omg I feel ya! I am 5’8 and always wear heels. Especially when going out to the bars. Sad thing about where I go to school.. no one else wears heels which makes me taller than 85% of the population. Including most guys.


  2. I’m 5’2″. Short pants can be too short and Regular pants are sometimes too long. Womp womp… Also, I can’t reach the top shelf of the pantry, so I have a special step stool from Ikea. On the plus side, I never have to duck through doorways and rarely have to duck for tree branches while running.


  3. I always wished I were taller. I’m 5’3″ on a good day. I wore flats to work the other day and I literally looked like a mini-person. Get down with your bad tall self.


  4. Ugh wish I had this problem…I am BARELY 5′ tall. Yes really. And my husband…well he’s 6’2″. I may have agreed to marry him so he could reach things on the top shelf, put away dishes when I obviously can’t reach, see over the crowd to let me know where we’re going, and so I can wear heels any time I please ; )


  5. I’m 5’10 so I feel ya — especially on the pants. Thank God they make pants with longer inseams now. In high school there was always a flood coming. I SO just wanted to be short when I was growing up. So glad that didn’t happen!

    I really do forget how tall I am sometimes – unless I look at pictures and realize I look like an amazon woman.


  6. I am 5’10” and I love wearing heels too! I hate when people ask me why I would wear heels if I’m so tall though…I don’t ask short people why they wear flats!!


  7. So, I concur on all your points. I *wish* I didn’t have to look up at everyone at work – I really feel that my height is somewhat of a hindrance as far as people taking me seriously.

    OK, gotta go do very early morning turkey day grocery shopping. I am all about beating the crowds and going uber-early before work.


  8. I always love figuring out how tall bloggers are since in pics it’s hard to know! Page is tall too, so you will have a tall roommate in Vegas :) I am 5’6″ so not that much shorter!


  9. I too am just shy of 5’9″ and wear heels all the time. I love when people say, “How tall are you? Any why are you wearing heels?”

    My response, “I’m tall. I’m sorry you are short. Get over it. And I wear my 5 inch heels because I feel like it.”

    I didn’t know that people over 5’6″ were not allowed to wear heels. Plus, I don’t really feel that tall most of the time. Ok, that is a lie. Perhaps I enjoy towering over people :)

    Also, try Joe’s Jeans. They are pretty pricey, but can be found for the cheap at Nordstom’s Rack. They are long and have decent in seams. Plus, they cover my butt crack. (I’m not the only one with that problem, am I?)


  10. I really dont in any way mean this offensively but… are American ladies or just your friends really short?! Im 5 ft 8″ and although my flatmate last year was a teensy 5ft 1″, another 3 of my friends are the same height as me, and 2 are taller (5ft 9″ and a whopping 5ft 11″! And she still wears heels!) ha ha

    I love being tall. Means I get to weight more and still look reasonably elongated ;-)

    Ive recently gotten really into heels too! I like towering.

    I also seem to only like tall men… A gentleman of, ahem, shorter stature once tried to talk to me in a bar and my friend interjected with, ‘oh she wont fancy you’ (rude!), and when he was like, ‘um thats a bit choosy…’, my friend replied, ‘oh she doesnt mean it, its just like a filter in her brain- she only notices attractive men over 6ft’. Funny but cruel! I reckon she was trying to get in there…


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  13. Just found your blog via Ready Set Feast – and I love this post. I’m 5’11” and LOVE wearing sky high heels. Another great thing about being tall? You can always see the show at concerts, no matter how far back you are :)



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