Important Midwest Holidays


From the very scientific and collective research I’ve put together, the night before Thanksgiving seems to only be a big deal in the Midwest.

(Further proof Midwest is best.)

Seriously, TurkEve is bigger than Christmas/Birthdays/4thofJuly/NYE combined in Corntown.


Because everyone comes home from college/work/their hermit dungeon, gets stupid drunk together, and doesn’t have to feel guilty the next day laying around like a sack of worthless shit eating their brains out because HELLO that’s what Thanksgiving is all about!

Boozehounds unite.

This year we threw back just like the ol’ high school days – drinking cheap beer in our friend’s parent’s basement, rocking out to The Ataris and Blink182, and playing overly-aggressive drinking games.

Too bad hangover recovery time isn’t what it used to be back then…

I love home.  (It helps that the weather has been surprisingly awesome all week.)

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Important Midwest Holidays

  1. Aw I love the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! Everyone and their brother goes out and it’s so fun to run into old peep!.

    Funny that you still call it “home.” I’ve finally gotten to the point where I say, “I’m going to my parents house” not “I’m going home” anymore. Guess that means I’m out here to stay =)


  2. In my “small town” of Napa, Turkey eve is pretty monumental as well. People go off to travel or see family far away during Christmas, and every one has different spring breaks….so the third Wednesday in November was always reliably the one day each year that all the college kids were home. So fun to be hungover just in time to be with the grandma the next day!


  3. Wow looks like you had a blast! Needless to say my family was getting their drink on before Thanksgiving lunch on the holiday lol We ended up eating later than expected and just drank until the food was ready. Yum Yum!
    Have a safe trip back!


  4. Another sign that I’m getting old: I’d rather go to bed early the night before Thanksgiving so I can kill it at the local Turkey Trot.

    Also, I’m so so so glad Facebook/Twitter weren’t around when I was in high school/college. I don’t know if I would be gainfully employed if they were …


  5. So true! I’m originally from a small town in IL and Turkey-Eve is like a holiday itself. There is only one high school in my hometown so they have an “All Class Reunion” at the Moose Club (like the Elks). If you are 21 and up, you show up and just get sh*tty drunk. Luckily, my parents house is only 2 blocks away. I’ve stumbled home from this even more than once!


  6. The midwest is the best! I am soo looking forward to making my way back to MN this weekend. There is definitley major bar time planned OR I should say the entire time we are home will be bar time! Looks like you had a refreshing visit ;)


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