From Corntown to Vegas – Fueled By Fun(booze)

I’m finally back from the land of corn and closed-toed shoes.  Big time apologies for falling off the face of the internet – please don’t blame Ohio…  Blame the people there.  They’re too awesome to spend a minute not in their (boozey) presence.

Speaking of boozey and awesome people… guess what tomorrow is?

Vegas is about to get hit hard by the Spandex/Sparkle/Mimosa SweatyEmily-OUaL Train.  (that’s hyphenated like people with important names do when they get married, btw. we’re exclusive.)

Cheer skirts and party pants are packed.  That’s equal parts spandex and liquor, in case you’re looking for a packing list.

* WHO’S RUNNING???  If you’re requiring some superb spectator energy (or an imbibed fuel stop) let me know what you’ll be wearing and Emily & I will keep our cross-eyeds peeled for you.

* WHO’S SAYING ‘F THIS RACE’ AND PARTYING ALL WEEKEND???  Talk to me.  Let’s be friends.

Sarah OUaL


18 thoughts on “From Corntown to Vegas – Fueled By Fun(booze)

  1. I’m getting the best of both worlds this weekend. Road trip with friends, partying hard Saturday night, then running a half Sunday morning. Something tells me this isn’t the greatest plan…


  2. I’m saying F this race and partying this weekend, but not in Vegas unfortunately – I’m running the Santa Shuffle in my hometown – 1000 people in santa costumes running down the street for two free beers at the finish line!

    Have a great time this weekend!


  3. YAY! I will be in a gunmetal Sparkle Skirt, black top with “JESS” in bedazzales running with my “Tiger Woods” lookalike hubby! Give a girl a holla!

    I thought you might appreciate my hubs’ number 1 priority at the expo: Obtaining an MGD wristband for a free beer after the race. He’s got it figured out!


  4. Yaaaaaay! See you in VEGAS!!!!!!!!

    P/S I have been told that I will have a pink headband with a feather on it or some sort of bling bling. Hmmmm. You’ll know its me when I am yelling hellllppppp….or walking and cursing all 26.2 miles. HA!


  5. Can’t wait… I’ll be wearing a sparkle red skirt with poker arm sleeves and socks, you can see the pic on my blog. Hope I get to see you there, tequila shots anyone??? :)


  6. Wishing I was going to the race again…it was awesome last year even during the day. My silly husband decided to take a crazy all day long exam tomorrow instead :( Guess I need better friends – ones that understand the importance of running, alcohol and the best ever combination of races that provide the opportunity for both…


  7. So jealous! I was planning to be there, but still recovering from an injury. I will be having drinks in your honor this weekend. ;-)

    The husband is taking me to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks to dull my pain – with drinks, of course!


  8. I’m flying into Vegas on Sunday morning for work – I had looked into running it and saw the $$$ and quickly said F that! I’d love to meet up!


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