National Lampoon My Weekend

I had big plans for this weekend.  Most notably, actually being at home.  Also on the list – unpacking (Ohio suitcase is still open on the guest room floor), cleaning, and prepping for Christmas.  Oh and finally finishing Vegas Spectating Extravaganza Part 2.

Right?  You were excited to read about that like 9 days ago.

Well a slight faux pas – and by that I actually mean a GIANT LIFE RUINING FUCK UP* – by the electrician our landlord hired to “do some work” at our house really threw a wrench in my plans.

We came home yesterday to a real shit show of workers scrambling around and the wires above our house setting off a fireworks show.

*slight dramatization



After that little spark turned into a 3-foot section of wire COMPLETELY ABLAZE, the house made a noise and instantly went dead.  No lights, no power, nada.

The power company was called and made it over a cool 90 MINUTES later – to tell us they couldn’t do anything until the morning.


So we did what any self-respecting and shameless person would do… highjacked our neighbors’ power to keep our beer and frozen dinners from going bad.


Oh yeah we’re all Chevy Chase up in this joint.

We left this AM with the promise that Edison/electricians/the city/contractors/the landlord would have it all sorted out.  Cheery cherry pie.

So when I get this at the end of my Friday workday?



Umm a new life and a million cases of beer.  Take the damn coin-op off the washer/dryer.  Knock down the house in front of us and make us beachfront.  Chauffeured service to and from all future races – stocked minibar in the car, obvs.

So we’re working on a temporary weekend home.  If you see me at the Holiday Half on Sunday and I’m a disshevled grumpy mess (more so than normal, at least), it didn’t work out so well.

In the meantime, I’m out head-hunting those f’ing electricians.  And writing a love letter to the Flashlight App developers.



Too bad I have to sit in the car to charge it.

… oh shit how am I going to charge Garmin?  Guess I’ll be spending some QT next to an outlet at Starbucks.

Sarah OUaL

12 thoughts on “National Lampoon My Weekend

  1. Wait, you have to pay to do your laundry @ your own house?

    Ew, that is a super bad day/week/weekend. ick. Good Luck @ your half this weekend!
    It’s nice that your landlord is trying to be kind of helpful instead of just abandoning you in a house w/ no power.


  2. I was really hoping you were going to say you were forced to drink all the beer to keep it from getting warm. But seriously, that sucks. I hated Edison when I lived in LB. If you look like a grumpy disheveled mess at the race I’ll gift my free Mic Ultra to you after :)


  3. Wow, what a joy that must be! I can’t imagine not having electricity all weekend because of some crappy electrician! I hope the race went well and that you weren’t too homeless looking.


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  5. This post made be simultaneously laugh and feel bad for you at the same time.

    Did they turn that shit on yet? It is Monday. Completely with downpours. Not necessarily good for electrical repairs.


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