Holiday Half – Bah Humbug, Chola

I tried to go back and fill in my “training log” for Nov/Dec since I hadn’t even opened it since Santa Barbara.  It contains lots of “??” and various cities and events that were most definitely NOT conducive to race training.

To say that I was unprepared for today’s Holiday Half would be an understatement.

But what’s new, right?  When the F do I ever get my ass off the couch and un-stick my hand from the beer can long enough to properly train for a race?

(spoiler : 2012, that’s when.  please don’t call me a traitor.)

So I was content with my unpreparedness.  I hate saying “fun run” because I’m a competitive person and it seems like a waste of time to not put in some effort, but my brain was still all juicy on mimosas and Vegas fumes and didn’t bother making any goals.

Plus everybody kept chattering about it being “hilly” – which I refused to accept it and tried converting others into my delusional state of denial.

(that’s a teeny elevation map. too small to see the trouble about to wreck our worlds)

She bought it, btw.

Margot, Monica, and I rode out to Pomona together – I yammered on about how pissed I was gonna be if I got hot running since I swapped my tank for a long sleeve at the last minute.

Turns out, it was the right choice.

After grabbing our bibs, chatting with Julie, and having Danica show us where the “secret bathrooms” with full rolls of tp and running water were, it was time to fuel up:

(yes, those are my Vegas cheerleader sleeves. I felt very sorority girl in my pink & zebra.)

((I WAS NOT IN A SORORITY, for the record.))

Margot’s confusion on the current holiday and Monica’s trash bag really make this the most mantle-worthy pre-race group picture EVER, IMO.

About 98% of the runners were dressed up and I was not one of them.  That’s my contribution to the photo.  Bah Humbug.

(Don’t care because I’m madly in love with my new $7.97 Adidas skirt.  Sports Authority – go get one.)

I don’t have a lot to say about the race itself since I pretty much ran on cruise control, so I’ll let Garmin do the talking :

Monica, at the finish area :  “I want to murder you.  You are so lucky I didn’t shank you on the course.  NOT HILLY MY ASS!!”

That “chola” side she talks about?  I think that was it.

So the short, steep climbs followed by steep downhills were rough.  But I think if I’d have REALLY looked at the elevation map (and not just blindly forwarded it to unsuspecting racers), there’s equal probability I would have :

  1. Feared the carnage they were going to wreck on my poor legs and totally mindf*cked myself into a terrible race or
  2. Ran a little smarter and maybe not been quite as miserable, but still drug my untrained ass across the finish around the same time

Oh well, we all survived.  Margot crushed her goal time and Monica kicked ass despite my less-than-stellar race prep assistance, so I’m deferring any blame whatsoever.

Plus, how can you blame the slow girl?

I have to say that Run Racing races (the same company that puts on Long Beach and the Dana Point Turkey Trot) are always so well-run and enjoyable experiences.  Easy breezey packet pick up, well-stocked facilities and aid stations, interesting courses, and fields that are big enough for excitement but not so big you spend the first half of the race like spandex sardines.  Love.

Oh and the shirts & medals are always cute if that’s what gets your clicker finger itching to hit “register”.

LA Holiday Half, 12.11.11  –  1:51.17

Congrats also to Ragnar teammates – the super speedy Madison ran a 1:47xx, and this was Danica’s FIRST HALF MARATHON, and she killed her goal time!  Go tell her she’s awesome and that I’m happy we snatched her up for the relay.

Sarah OUaL


27 thoughts on “Holiday Half – Bah Humbug, Chola

  1. Ahhh thanks for the shout out! Now I’m itching to see how I’ll do in a half that isn’t full of Monster Hills. Hollywood 2012… unless that course includes that miniature Everest that leads up the The Bowl. That wouldn’t be pretty.


  2. You know what I got from this whole post? That the skirt you wore was $7.97! What a steal!

    My coworker who also ran the race yesterday and I exchanged about 10 emails about the elevation, else I would not have even known about the “rollings”. Even knowing about them didn’t make me pace myself. I had a party to get to and I needed to get this done…and quick. That was my motivation and my demise towards the end. I saw Margot but since I have not met her in person yet, I didn’t know that was her. I was actually thinking the same thing about the bunny ears but now it makes sense! Hehe!


  3. Ummmmm seriously? You rocked it out hardcore in Vegas and then break off a 1:51 on a hilly course? Dude, you are ridiculous. Whatever you have up in the mix for 2012 is going to be crazy. You are going to be sub 1:40. Mark my words.

    I am not worthy :)


  4. Bah! I knew that thing was hilly. 401 feet ascent isn’t *too* crazy but it’s certainly not flat. I tried to use the same “it’s not so bad” argument about Mission Inn to convince Heather not to bail. Her shin didn’t buy it (which is good since I basically ran hills for nothing with 12.3 course length) and decided to fracture itself instead.

    1:51 with piss-poor training and hills is pretty damn good. You got two weeks to slap your legs back into training before Operation Jack… or are you doing that? Can’t remember if you were going home for Christmas or staying here.


  5. So on a totally unrelated note, our staff had to ride the course, and I rode it on a beach cruiser, on quite possibly the hottest day of the year in August, aka 107 degrees… And me and another girl threw up HAHAHAHAHAHA So I’m glad you didn’t ask me about the course.. I would have shattered your dreams, BUT I’m glad I got to see you and glad you kind of had fun. Hey at least you have a festive medal and cute shirt. :)


  6. Um, is it weird that I liked the hills? I didn’t mind them (until that final one, which I was ready to walk up), the scenery distracted me. I’d prefer this course over a flatter course and would definitely do it again.


  7. Ok I am gullible, I really thought that those GIANT-ASS medals were real…but upon further inspection they were photoshopped on. I should have suspected that with you!

    Congrats on another half marathon and a sweet medal. Uh an 8:30 is not bad at all on such a hilly, miserable course, with no-ish training. I would have probably been too prideful and not have even given it a shot, I’m lame. Maybe I’ll get over that one day.


  8. ha ha ! those pics made me laugh…!
    I was there also!!!
    it was a hard course for me but I loved it!!!
    I was also in the 2% who were not dressed up…because of that I was easy to spot!! ha ha!
    I agree Run racing are the best!
    I did 3 of their 4 races and all 3 in my favorites of the year!


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