Sarah Sarah Ballerina (possibly a goodbye letter)

I squeezed in a few miles at lunch today – I’ve only got 12 days until my next Half and don’t want to suck this time.  (Operation Jack in Manhattan Beach – there’s a satellite option if you’re not in SoCal and are looking for a way to run off the Christmas cookies)

My coworkers have learned to appreciate my mid-day pavement pounding.  Of course they all sit like 40 feet away and can shut my door if I’m fuming the confines…

At least I change out of my running clothes  – or at least throw a work-issued fleece over top.

See, HR??  I read your latest newsletter on the dress code.  Please don’t write me up.

I mean really, a running skirt?  They could’ve been a LITTLE more subtle.

Anyway I had to get the miles in early because I’m going to a Xtend Barre class tonight with a friend, and I’m worried I won’t have functionality in any of my muscles for the next 10 years.

It looks fun – I dig yoga and believe it or not used to dance as a kid.  My white girl dance moves won’t convince you, but my mean pirouette and front handspring will…

Are you sick of seeing my tutu?  Sorry.  (not really)

Bri posted about Barre here and here, go check it out.  It sounds intense but what has me most nervous is the number of times she uses the word “graceful.”  Uhhh… please reference the above photo, Bri.

But she pinky promised me I’d leave class looking exactly like a less-anorexic Mila Kunis from Black Swan (isn’t that what you said?), so I’ll give it a shot.  What do I have to lose other than my last race of 2011??

Anyways now y’all know where to send hate mail and the police if I do end up dying tonight.

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Sarah Sarah Ballerina (possibly a goodbye letter)

  1. LOVE the tutu!! I want one! Those white girl dance moves will definitely come in handy too. :-)

    BTW. . .you’re trying Xtend Barre tonight, don’t want to mix up the brands. I’ll take you to a Pure Barre class sometime too. There’s one in Irvine & Huntington Beach.


  2. Let me know how u like it! I’ve done barre for over a month now and I LOVE it! Best workout ever! It has to be a good studio though


  3. I love the idea of running during the lunch break. I sit about 2 inches from my coworker and pretty sure he would shank me if I sat my butt back down all sweaty. Next time he annoys me, I’ll do just that.


  4. I don’t tell you enough but….I freaking adore you & while I don’t comment enough I always freaking read and your tweets….YOUR. TWEETS. Make. My. Day.

    Keep me smiling daily.


  5. I’m doing the OJ half too thanks to SR introducing me to the great cause/event. It will be my 4th half and I’m hoping for a big PR!

    I ride in a van with upwards of 8 people and I feel sorry for them on days when I get sweaty at lunch….but not sorry enough to make me change my ways. Got in a quick 3 miles today and it was glorious.



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