The Time I Didn’t Swear at Brightroom

Holiday Half photos are up, and for the first time in the history of the world I don’t want to punch my computer or petition the internet to destroy evidence of what I look like running.

I had just waved at two women in santa outfits that were yelling and screaming – and then realized they were NOT yelling at me.  Probably that dude behind me that’s smiling and looking all, ‘hey, I know them!’

Heh… Hi anyways, nice strangers.

(I’m such a loser.)

(At least you can tell I’m ACTUALLY running if you get past the embarrassment and shame on my face)

Ok you can’t win them all.  But after the shitty electricity-less blah blah other crapful week it’s been (for the record, 8 days w/o power. EIGHT), I’m considering a handful of decent Brightroom pictures to be a major cause for celebration.

Also I just made a pact with myself to wear those zebra sleeves at least once a week for the rest of my life.  Selling those at the Vegas expo was the best thing to happen to RnR that weekend.

Anybody racing this weekend??  Wanna borrow my sleeves?

jk I’m wearing them to Brian’s company party, you can’t have them.

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “The Time I Didn’t Swear at Brightroom

  1. Wow, must pay better attention. Didn’t know you’ve been living in the 1700s. That’s a bummer. At least your sense of humor doesn’t require juice (by juice, I mean electricity). Re Brightroom, talk about a Brightroom surprise, in June 2009 they used a pic of me for a national Fathers Day ad campaign. I woke up one day and checked my email and a good 30 or so friends of mine had emailed me telling me I snuck into their inbox! <– I was good-looking then, too.


  2. I love your sleeves, and have now asked for them for Christmas. Hopefully Santa’s listening. I haven’t been good, but I haven’t been naughty (too naughty) either… So glad you have your power back! And great photos! I always look like I’m going to hurl in race photos!


  3. Couple things:

    (1) those calf sleeves make you look bad ass – I definitely need a pair stat.

    (2) Awesome race photos aren’t ever a given – I’m a firm believer that when you DO get good ones, you need to immediately plaster them everywhere on the internet. Solid work.

    (3) Who makes that skirt? I like it!

    Nice work!


  4. Love the zebra sleeves – so much cooler than my plain black sleeves! In the 2nd photo ,if you don’t know the back story, it looks like you just LOVE running and are SO freaking happy to be racing, congrats on good race pics!!


  5. Super jeal of the photos. I look like such a professional creeper in my shots from the turkey 8-miler. Main issue? I’m an amateur and wore three layers on top because I am chronically cold…this led to my running blindly through the streets as I stripped and half-flashed the mass populations. I really didn’t want to toss my $30 fleece so I tied it around my waist. Then the next layer got tied there too. And I didn’t have good running pants for the 29 degree weather so I wore my yoga pants and when I wasn’t tripping on those in photos, it appeared I was a full-on bag lady with bell bottoms on. And all my shots looked like pukey-shots.

    So, school me on your fab-o model running poses, pretty please. Maybe this would be better done if I could ever hitchhike my way out there and pay for a room with marshmallows and beer.



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