Oh, My Weekend?

OUR POWER IS BACK!  OUR POWER IS BACK!!  No more Chevy Chase’ing and Flashlight App’ing it.  I’m not that mad because those 8 days – yes, EIGHT – were 8 days we didn’t have to pay rent.  Greenbacks in my pocket, Christmas is paid for, pleaseandthankyouverymuch.

We celebrated by flipping every switch on and off a hundred times, and then checking out the holiday lights in town.  AKA where all of power went that we weren’t using.

In revelation #89572 of a Tale of Two Worlds

(Wherein I compare lifestyles of CA & OH) :

Holiday light viewing in CA  :  on a (friend’s) boat . looking at bigger boats, homes that cost more than my hometown, and homes/boats that come with their own helicopters.

Holiday light viewing in OH : shovel driveway. wait 10 minutes for windshield to defrost. cruise in mom’s minivan with the heat blasting and hot cocoa in travel mugs. drive 3 miles in between each house. start sweating from all the layers and blasting heat. go outside. get pneumonia. die.

I have to say, being out on the water with friends, drinks, and Pandora’s Bon Jovi Holiday station was a surprisingly great way to get into the holiday spirit.  I thought being away from the snow and our traditions would make it feel less like Christmas, which…

well it does, but this helped.

All that sea-business musta been good for running, because I got up Saturday and busted out my best Long Run in… probably forever.

Yeah, forever.

Operation Jack Half – look out.  I’m all sorts of ready for you.  My negative split bag is packed.

So thug. Can’t handle it.

Follow all that with completetion of Christmas shopping (one for you, one for me is my gifting credo)…  Killer weekend and my BAH HUMBUG is officially gone.

Hallelujah bring on the holidays.

(PSA : you can pay for & print flat rate shipping labels on usps.com.  I walked straigh past the 60-person line, dropped my boxes on the counter, said Merry Christmas and peaced the heck outta that madness.  Holiday murder count : still zero)

Sarah OUaL

25 thoughts on “Oh, My Weekend?

  1. Hubz and I drove around the west side looking at Xmas lights Sunday. Disappointed we didn’t see any outrageous displays around here! He was thinking maybe there are ordinances in place to keep the lights at bay.

    So sad.


  2. OMG 8 days without power?! That’s horrible! We are totally doing the Ohio lights viewing this week. You are really missing out. Right now I’m looking out my window and the ground is wet & muddy and snowflakes are falling. Basically the grossest weather possible.


  3. Looks like mile 4 made you her bitch. :P But yeah, aside from that, you killed it, just like you will at the race on Monday! I don’t know how aggressive you like to get, but the goals I’ve seen you mention seem fairly conservative. Just sayin’ …


  4. I use the APC’s (automated postal center). Got one more package to mail today – it wasn’t a complete madhouse at 8:45am yesterday so I’m hoping to have the same luck today.

    Judging by that 10 miler – looks like we might be running together! Planning on going out 8:05-8:15 and see where it goes from there.


  5. I can’t believe we wasted time talking about all of the stuff that makes us yell inside yesterday when we could have been talking about your KICK ASS 10 MILE RUN! hot dayum, girl, I’m so proud. 2012=EPIC.


  6. Yay for free rent, it might be worth it to live without power for 8 days to save money (maybe, maybe not…) Great job on your long run, that is kick ass!! Christmas in CA is pretty great, we don’t have snow. Hope all your gifts make it where they need to go. I always print my postage, but I don’t even go to the PO to drop them off, I schedule a pick up and the mailman comes to me!


  7. Yeeaaaaahhhhh so it doesn’t feel like Christmas. But on the bright side we aren’t so cold that our bones hurt. That kind of cold sucks. Period. Too cold. HI, IMMA WUSS.

    Fricking awesome run chica! Those splits are beautiful! U are going to crush the op jack half. In the sunshine :)


  8. Awesome 10 miles!
    Glad to hear you have power back! I think I would die a terrible, frozen death (I live in Canada…) if I didn’t have power at this time of year!!

    P.S. What do you use when editing your pictures…? I’m new to the blogging world, and I’ve always loved your fun pictures!!


  9. LOL! Wow! a free rent is awesome and I’m happy that your power is back. Oh dear! I remember the time that our place was hit by the storm and there’s no electricity for a week. It’s like living in a stone age.


  10. What? I didn’t know there was power outage in your side of OC? or is it just your block? Bummer :( but 8 rent-free days are good though.

    We didn’t get to check out the Newport Beach boat parade this year but we did check out Naples Christmas Lights in Long Beach though.

    I agree, even though we own our own boat, we use it to look at the bigger boats and admire houses the size of our whole block, lol!

    Merry Christmas to you and the hubby :)



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